5 Ways To Fundraise For Comic Relief Using Your Car

By Elliot | 15th March 2013 | Category: Charity | Leave a comment

BMW Red Nose Day

Happy Red Nose Day, everyone!

That's right. It's Comic Relief – the funniest night of the year!

Yes, people all over the country are currently doing all manner of silly things in the name of charity. Comic Relief donates to a staggering number of good causes, so why not join in?

And since you're reading this, let's assume you own a car.

So let's look at some ways you can use your car to help raise money for Comic Relief.

5. Sponsored Stuffing

A classic student jape is to see how many people you can stuff into a single car. The smaller the car, the higher the stakes, and the smallest car I can think of is the Smart Fortwo. The name of the car itself makes it explicit that it was only designed for two people. And with a scant 200 litres of boot space, squeezing in any more than three people is a bonus. So how about for every subsequent person crammed inside beyond the threshold of three, you encourage people to sponsor you £10?

4. Sponsored Road Trip

A few years ago, the boys of The Inbetweeners went on a sponsored road trip for Comic Relief. There mission was to find as many rude place names as they could. With hilarious consequences! But if that's not your bag, why not draw from the classics? A sponsored drive to Paris, for instance. Or the old Lands End – John O'Groats jaunt. What larks will be had!

3. Sponsored Touching

This is a sort of variation on the sponsored stuffing, but this time all remain on the outside of the car. The idea is that you have to touch a car for as long as you can. The moment you break contact with the car, the game's up. So people could either sponsor you by the hour or for an arbitrary length of time. For instance, could you conceivably spend a full 24 hours touching a car? I don't think you could. Prove me wrong!

2. Sponsored Unpleasantness

When considering wacky fundraising ideas (and fundraising ideas have to be wacky when it's Comic Relief), for some reason it's hard not to think about the old bath of baked beans trope. How has anybody ever managed to raise money by these means? Is it because it's such an unpleasant and humiliating spectacle that, once witnessed, people can't help but throw money at you?

To that end, why not try sitting in a car filled with baked beans for Comic Relief? Yeah, you might cause irreparable damage to the upholstery, and you'd never, ever, ever shift the smell, but you know. Charity!

Or why not buy a pair of clown pants, fill them with cold custard and perform all of your daily motoring needs whilst wearing said queer livery?

1. Sponsored Inadvisable Behaviour

Few things are more effective at getting people to donate than a reckless disregard for personal safety. Behind the wheel of your car you're in control of a mechanised death machine. Fundraising should therefore flow like the tears of your parents when they witness the hell you're about to unleash.

My suggestion is that you get people to sponsor you to act French for a day. You get to look forward to a glass of red wine at lunch, but you also must commit to driving on the wrong side of the road all day.

Good luck!

And have a wonderful Comic Relief.

Though I must point out that your chances of having a wonderful Comic Relief will diminish dramatically if you attempt any of my suggested fundraising plans.

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