Get On Board With The Double Deckers

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Young people reading this: Please be aware that a Double Decker is not just a chocolate bar – although a very tasty one at that! It is also a nickname for a bus – a big red bus that used to once grace our streets before being replaced by long thin worms with wobbly middles. And yes, I am fully aware that there are still a lot of two-tier buses on the streets of the UK but they aren’t red; and that doesn’t count in my eyes.

Because I remember the TV series from the 70’s starring future reggae star Brinsley Ford, all about a gang of kids that played on an abandoned bus in a scrapyard and got into scrapes and things. Honestly; it’s better than it sounds (I’ve just bought the DVD from Amazon.)

But I doubt if it is that actual bus that is going up for sale at the Silverstone Auction taking place at the Race Retro & Classic Car Sale at Stoneleigh on 23rd February, It could be; after all it is a 1962 Leyland Routemaster red double-decker bus, but the chances are very slim. And I presume that it would be one of the selling points.

The bus has been in use on the occasional summer trip and historic vehicle displays – a service way beyond its original active life expectancy – and is estimated to sell between £20,000 and £28,000; a great price for a reliable and well-loved workhorse.

Nick Whale, managing director, Silverstone Auctions, said: “This 1962 Routemaster is a great example of a great bus, serving Londoners, visitors and tourists for many decades. For most people it remains the best ever London bus and is still recognised throughout the world, so not surprisingly we expect an enormous amount of interest in this vehicle from all parts of the globe.”

I am just so jealous. I want it parked outside my house, complete with that open-platform design at the back that you used to swing off when you went round a roundabout, just so that people can talk about it – and what a talking point. And imagine driving along in it and having to explain to people “It’s not a bus; it’s mine, but you can have a lift.” Maybe I could employ a conductor?

But then I haven’t got the money.

Apparently the light weight design means fuel consumption figures far better than many of the vehicles that replaced it, while its power steering and automatic gearbox ease driving.

“The Race Retro Sale focuses on classic and race cars but we’re also delighted to have a few other lots, such as this Routemaster, adding to the appeal. It might not be as fast or as sleek as some of the cars on offer, but it provides just as much fun and a great investment opportunity,” added Nick.

It’s red. I am green.


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