The Car Oscars: A Look Back at 2012

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85th Academy Awards, Arrivals

The car industry has seen incredible development in 2012, improving shape and speed with every new technological innovation. But with it all coming to a close and next year’s models already getting previews, it’s easy to forget just how much has been achieved. In order to shed light on everything that has come before, and things that may soon come, here is our list of the greatest accomplishments of the year.

Best Car Film or Videogame

For many fans, the Need For Speed videogame series has epitomized the racing genre. Since it’s early beginnings in the 1990’s it has been the go-to game for fun and excitement, and the latest Need For Speed Most Wanted continued this trend by allowing the driver to race in 40 different cars. Filled with epic crashes and ludicrous speeds, the game as the most fun you’ll have without ever leaving the flat!

Most Anticipated Car

The dawn of the self-driving car is upon us with the development of the Google Driverless Car.  Once thought to be a fiction only seen on television and film, companies have long been investing their time and money in developing these next generation vehicles. But while many are trying to develop this future car, it was Google who popularized it and made it one of the most anticipated vehicles ever.

 Best Sports Car

The classic Porsche 911 has been leading the charge during the company’s record year. The car has kept much of the sexy iconic design that is known throughout the world, beating its competition every year. The latest additions to the family have been stylish and fast while still maintaining a reasonable price. While Ferrari and Lamborghini’s are fantastic, 911’s are the purest example of perfect formula that alters ever so slightly to produce the ultimate sports car.

Best Day-to-Day Car

The BMW 3-Series has long been considered one of the best luxury sedans on the market. The rear-drive four-door 320d saloon has repeatedly proven to customers what they desire ever since it was conceived in the 1970’s. Able to race from 0-62mph in just 7.7 seconds and hit a top speed of 146mph, it is a specular combination of technical ability and finesse that has alluded manufactures, becoming the best day-to-day ride you could ever hope for.

The Car of the Year

Unveiled to the world at the 2012 Geneva Motor show, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is the most powerful roadster of all time. Created as the one car to rule them all, you simply can’t beat a vehicle that’s name means “speed” in French.  Armed with an 8.0-litre V16 engine producing an earthshattering 1,200bhp at 6,400rpm, the car’s first gear goes all the way up to 104km/h. After this, second goes to 148km/h, third 197km/h, forth 257km/h, fifth 313hm/h, sixth 377km/h, and the seventh produces a top speed of an earthshattering 410km/h. If this isn’t the car of the year than we don’t know what is!

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