Car Sharing To Hit Our TV Screens

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"There's this bloke and girl on a car share..."

"There's this bloke and girl on a car share..."


Car Sharing has been discussed before in this Blog but now it may well get a boost in numbers and take-up once a new BBC One comedy starring popular comedian Peter Kay is produced and aired. Kay’s first BBC One comedy will originally debut on iPlayer before being broadcast on television, and tells the story of a supermarket worker called John who finds himself commuting to work with a female colleague as part of a company car-share scheme.

Make sure you meet them before letting them in your car!

Make sure you meet them before letting them in your car!

The programme will, somewhat unsurprisingly, be called Car Share and is part of a trial in which 40 hours of programming will be made available online firs through the BBC iPlayer service that is normally used as a catch-up service for TV that people have missed, but is now being trialed as a first-off series breaker. This will include a 6-part drama series to be announced later by the BBC, but for now they are happy to have attracted the man better known for his Channel 4 comedies Phoenix Nights and Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere as well as for his sellout stand-up shows.

BBC One controller Danny Cohen said: “It is hugely exciting that Peter Kay is coming to BBC One with his new series- even more so with the innovative plan we have to launch the show online.”

And Peter Kay commented: “To be finally working with the BBC on a new comedy is a great opportunity; and the idea of two people car sharing to work each day really appealed to me, as it highlights the comedy in the minutia of the daily trek and allows the spiralling conversations of life to unwind in all of their glory.”

Car-Sharing is something that Kay will know about, as comedians often car-share on the way to gigs as a way of saving money and sharing costs – especially to open mic nights where you aren’t getting paid. (I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE HERE!)

And travellers to and from sporting events like football and rugby matches will know the benefits that car-sharing can achieve – mainly in sharing the cost of petrol (although the driver must legally be careful not to make a profit from sharing a car as in most countries this can invalidate their insurance and tax.)

But now it is becoming a popular way of commuting to and from work – even with people that you don’t work with. Websites such as Liftshare based in Norwich help to connect people up who want to go the same way.

And take a friend to the meet!

And take a friend to the meet!

Obviously it is important to know who you are driving with (We’ve all seen the American Horror films about hitchhikers and the like!) so the sites are for members only, although they do state that every member is responsible for his or her own safety when travelling, advising that an initial meet should be in a public place and that no address details are given out prior to meeting. They also suggest that friends accompany the first meet and that IDs are viewed before any agreement is struck.

So, to remind you why car sharing on the way to work, shopping, school, sport, festival, university or airport – and just why the BBC One show has the potential to be quite good – here are some reasons for car sharing from the Liftshare website..

  • It can save you time & money.
  • It can reduce pollution from car emissions and help reduce local road congestion.
  • It gives you company and is safer if you break down
  • Sharing a walking or cycling journey can motivate you to do some exercise.
  • You can make new friends and meet your neighbours.
  • It can reduce the use of limited fossil fuels.



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