Cars From Top Gear's Indian Adventure On Display At Beaulieu

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Did you watch Top Gear's Christmas Special last year? I didn't see it myself, but judging by the brief synopsis contained within this press release, it sounds like it was really funny and memorable. Timeless, you might say.

The boys took a statement from David Cameron to heart. Our evil Prime Minister apparently proclaimed that Britain should be trading more with India. Top Gear nobly decided to “help”. And, in a move which must have made Clarkson wet himself with arrogant pride, it seems that Mr. Cameron discouraged them on their actions.

What actions? Well, Clarkson and his henchmen – James May and Richard Hammond – set off on one of their “epic road trips” with three old British cars, some “proudly British products” (oh, dear) and a “wildly uncontrollable lawnmower”.

Ahem. Hilarity apparently ensued and a good time was had by all.

And I'm sure that at no point did Mr. Clarkson and his friends say anything ignorant, narrow-minded or insensitive. I mean, I wouldn't know, I didn't watch it. But I'm sure they didn't. It's just not in their natures, is it?

Lovely boys.

Any road, you can now go and have a look at the cars featured in this Christmas special at The World of Top Gear exhibition at Beaulieu.

There, you can see the Jaguar XLS (pitured) driven by Jeremy Clarkson. A rare “Celebration” model, it was built to commemorate 60 years of Jaguar. It was in excellent condition. But then some motorists drove into it and somebody fitted it with larger tyres that didn't fit properly.

Then there's the Mini Cooper which Richard Hammond drove across India. Again, I'm absolutely certain that at no point were comments made – derogatory or otherwise – about a diminutive man driving a diminutive  car.

Next, there's the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow as commandeered by James May on the Indian jaunt. An mk1 Shadow model, it boasts damage to the offside rear door (caused by “an oaf in a small digger”) and a “slightly sweaty smell permeating the interior”. Ew. This, reportedly, is the result of “two idiots” breaking the air-conditioning system. Who would do such a thing?

Finally, there's the dreaded “forfeit car” - in this case an Austin Allegro 1300 Super. Oh no!

The World of Top Gear features a collection of cars, created by the presenters for some of their most ambitious challenges on the TV show over the years. Exhibition highlights include the Top Gear ‘Enormodrome’ which recreates the feel of the Top Gear studio, where the TV show is filmed in front of a live audience.

Regular features from the programme including the Cool Wall and the Celebrity ‘Lap Times’ board which is kept up to date in line with the show. Visitors can also watch behind-the-scenes footage of the Top Gear production zone and clips of some of the best Top Gear moments.

World of Top Gear can be viewed as part of a visit to the whole Beaulieu attraction, which includes the National Motor Museum with its collection of over 250 vehicles, the brand new BOND IN MOTION exhibition which showcases 50 original vehicles from the James Bond films, Palace House, home of the Montagu family since 1538 and the 13th century Beaulieu Abbey.

All told, it sounds like an excellent idea for a maternal treat for mother's day, don't you think?

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