Citroën Dominate Bulldog Rally

By Elliot | 26th March 2012 | Category: Citroen | Leave a comment

Citroën have a very satisfied look on their face at the moment, and you'd be hard pushed to argue that they haven't earned it.

Their vehicles have filled no less than eight of the top twelve places of the Bulldog Rally – round two of the MSA British Rally Championship.

Overall victory was in the hands of Tom Cave, who drove a DS3 R3.

This was the head of a lineup of Citroën DS3s  - all eight of which that entered the race finished in the top twelve places.

Obviously, Citroën UK now lead the Manufacturers series after two rounds. How could they not?

The race wasn't without its drama, though, with Mr. Cave doubting he'd even be able to take part, as during his preparations, he at one point careering off the road in 5th gear.

Says Tom: “We landed on a jump, something broke and we plunged 50 yards through a bog, and landed on our side in 5 foot of water, before the car turned onto it wheels. It was a real mess with water everywhere, and I didn’t even know if we could be starting the rally at all.”

But race he did. Race like a fox! Right to the finish line.

Tom and his co-driver Craig Parry reaped €6000 of Citroën Racing Trophy UK prize money for their first overall finish. “It’s a dream result, and I’ve been waiting on a result like this for a while,” says Tom.

“Everything seemed to click, and the car ran perfectly. It was a tough fought event...It’s probably my best ever result, particularly after the steering failure on Tuesday. It’s brilliant!"

Citroën would remind you that, in dominating the Bulldog results as such, the DS3 R3 has more than proved its speed, reliability and durability.

The next round of the MSA British Rally Championship is the Pirelli International Rally on the 27th and 28th April.

It barely seems worth wishing Citroën good luck, does it?

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