Don't Drink & Drive This Summer

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Drink Drive

Do you fancy a drink?

Are you on Twitter? I'm on Twitter. One thing I've noticed is that, whenever the sun's out and coupled with correspondingly pleasant temperatures, most everyone I follow Tweets their desire to take to a beer garden.

The temptation is irresistible. Hot weather and cold drink go hand in hand like cold weather and hot drink. And there are few things more wonderful than basking in the sun, your head swimming in a fug of cider, ale or wine.

But, of course, you'll resist all temptations to drink should you be driving, won't you? Of course you will.

Mind How You Go

Peter Rodger is Britain's top advanced driver. On behalf of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), every week he offers some solid gold motoring advice.

The weather now is so grim that it seems impossible that things we're balmy and perfect earlier in the week. Nonetheless, this week Peter is really quite concerned about the tendency so many people have to drink and drive in the summer.

“The summer is a time of BBQs, jam packed beer gardens and festivals,” he says. “But the summer sees a rise in drink-drive casualties too. Enjoy yourself and leave the car at home if you plan to celebrate with a drink.”

In a release which he's brilliantly labelled “Lust of the summer wine”, Peter's outlined some key tips on avoiding the temptation of a drink in the summer:

1. If you’ve had a couple at a summer celebration, don’t try to calculate whether or not you are over the limit.  It’s always best to make it none for the road. Remember that home measures are often larger that what you’d get in a pub.

2. Many crashes involve pedestrians who have been drinking and drivers who haven’t. When walking home after a drink or two, take care and pay attention to your surroundings. When you’re driving, be aware that pedestrians may be the worse for wear and unpredictable, especially late at night, and be prepared for them to step out without looking for you.

3. If you drive to a party and drink when you didn’t expect to, don’t risk it. Get a taxi or arrange for a friend or family member to pick you up.

4. A drinking session the night before might put you over the legal limit the following day. Keep this in mind and organise alternative travel plans for the next morning.

5. If you are involved in a road accident you will be breathalysed. Don’t risk it, or somebody else’s mistake could become your problem – being hit from behind while sitting at a red traffic light could get you banned.

6. Ignore peer pressure. It may seem like a better option to others – for you to risk driving rather than paying for a taxi – but it is your licence and your liberty that is at stake.

Thanks Peter.

So. Read that list again. And again. Peruse it until it sticks. Memorise it. It's the only way you'll get through this summer without suffering from a drink related collision.

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