Driving An Audi Likely Makes You a Cheater

By Mike | 31st May 2013 | Category: BMW | Leave a comment


Image via Flickr user: 36Bananapies

Some people believe that they can judge another person’s interest or character by the car that they drive. While comedians often point to the footballers Bentley or academic Saab to gain a few laughs, few of us would seriously have think that there is a type of car that is more likely to make you a cheater. Well, according to a recently published survey, there actually might be one.

According to a survey from the dating website IllicitEncounters.com, an astonishing 22.2% of its nearly 750,000 users drive Audi’s. The move comes as quite a shock given the staggering size of those sampled and the high percentage drivers using this specific car.

The website compiled an additional four other cars that were linked with the high possibility that your partner is a potential cheater. It suggested that BMW followed close behind the Audi with 13.8%, Mercedes-Benz with 8.7%, Volvo with 7.6% and Volkswagen rounded off the list with 5.7%.

In contrast with the above statistics, the survey also found the most faithful motorists tended to go for French cars. The least likely to cheat drive a Peugeot with 0.4%, Renault with 0.5%, Rover with 0.5%, Skoda with 1.1% and Hyundai with 1.6%.

Mike Taylor, a representative from IllicitEncounters.com, recently told MSN Cars: “Cars can reveal a lot about their owners. All the cars in the top five represent our members - they are typically successful, motivated, high-achievers who are less likely to settle for something they find unsatisfying, be it a car or a relationship."

While the survey is not strictly ‘scientific’ due to the limited and slightly biased sample, it certainly gives women and men out there something to think about when they’re picked up in their next car. While it shouldn’t ruin you date, let’s just hope that they don’t drive up in an Audi.

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