EcoVelocity 2012 - The Countdown Begins

By Elliot | 2nd May 2012 | Category: Motor Festivals | Leave a comment

Last year's inaugural low carbon motor show – EcoVelocity – was a success and delight for all involved, so its imminent return will doubtlessly please many.

EcoVelocity 2012 will run at ExCeL in London from 5-13 May.

There you can expect to see such exciting and ambitious eco-friendly models as the Fisher Karma: the Lightning GT (Britain's 100% electric supercar); the Tesla electric car (pictured); and the ultra-efficient electric Delta E4 Coupé.

But visitors will be able to feel the surge of clean electricity themselves, should so they wish.

Says organiser Giles Brown: "Motorists interested in low carbon cars will be able to take a 3.5 mile test drive of a variety of electric and low carbon vehicles from Chevrolet, Citroën, Honda, Nissan, Mia, Peugeot and Vauxhall."

"The best way for motorists to decide on changing to a greener vehicle is by test driving and talking to experts - car buying is a big and emotional process. EcoVelocity offers a unique opportunity by offering numerous test drives from different car makers and access to car buying experts all under one roof."

The event will also see a number of talks from those who know a thing or two about this whole ecological preservation thing. You'll be able to engage in “interactive discussion forums” with emissaries from such companies as, Schneider Electric, EDF Energy, The Energy Saving Trust, The Green Car Guide and Michelin.

As is surely only fitting for an event so concerned with environmentally-friendly transport, EcoVelocity will also provide a platform for champions of two-wheels to have their say. Get On will exhibit a range of small capacity petrol and electric motorcycles whilst offering visitors the opportunity to book an hour-long test ride session.

Though as Mr. Brown says: "Anyone wanting to turn a key or push a start button in a test vehicle must provide both parts of their driving licence to the car makers. It's a legal requirement and we don't want visitors disappointed that they can't drive if they forget their licence."

Quite. Quite.

So, remember your license and you can test drive one of seven electric or low-emission vehicles including a Vauxhall Ampera, a Nissan Leaf, a Chevrolet Volt or a Mia Mia.

Have fun!

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