F1 2011 Game Review

By Mike | 29th September 2011 | Category: Video Games | Leave a comment

Few of us can expect to sit in, let alone drive, a Formula One car. These beauties are designed specifically for some of the greatest drivers in the world; individuals who have trained their entire lives to get where they are today. However, with advancements in technology we can gain a glimpse at what it feels like to be one of these elite drivers.  It is through games like F1 2011 that we’re brought ever closer to experience that amazing thrill.

With a spectacular F1 season this year, the game has a lot to live up to. You can jump into any of your favorite team car and race down some of the most memorable tracks around the world. Each car is unique down to the steering wheel, allowing for quite a bit of malleability when it comes to choosing which car you want. Everything from the suspension to the wheel design feels real, so much that the game gives the impression that you could jump into a real F1 car at a moments notice.

The way you develop your character does go a long way in crafting the experience. You start from the bottom of the league and work your way up to the best. You’ll have to deal with the press as well as make career decisions that will reflect how you drive.

The vehicle design is stunning. It blends naturally into the environment, making the driver truly feel like they’re part of something great. But be careful not to drive too quickly, the cars do reflect actual damage so if you mange to hit Webber in the corner you may find that your car is unable to complete the race.

The driving is as realistic as you possible. The F1 game design team went to great lengths to make sure that tyre changes are needed if you push the car too hard, fuel economy settings matter, and environmental changes completely change the feel of the race. You are even guided by an ‘f1 engineer’ similar to the one you’d find in a real race, giving the driver some background as to how the car is doing during the race and what to do next.

The game takes realism so seriously that if you manage to get into a crash the safety car zooms out to make sure that all debris is clear. Because elements such as these play an important feature in the real world, F1 2011 spared no expense in placing them within the games construct.

This game however is not for the faint of heart. While a novice could potentially jump in and start immediately, there are some game elements that speak to a more knowledgeable F1 gamer. Small choices do matter and if you don’t take care of everything you may be punished for it later.

This game is without a doubt the best F1 simulator to date. From the weather variations to the cars wing fluctuations, this game is a must have for anyone with a need for speed. Out of Xbox, PC as well as PS3, I’d highly recommend giving it a try.

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