Footballers Gunning For Ballet Dancers For Citroen.

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Arsenal FC seem to be the best team to sell their souls to the mammon that is advertising.

First there was Thierry Henry and his Va Va Voom for Renault when they advertised the Clio (As a quick note: the Urban Dictionary says “Va Va Voom is an ecosystem. Vavavoom is good goods and fair fashion. Vavavoom is the sound of a revving car or a starlet in Hollywood. It is American for ‘wow’ or ‘like your style, darling’. So now you know!) and now the English Football Club that became synonymous with the French down to their manager and a lot of the team (a while ago) has got itself teamed up with Citroen to promote their flagship car – the DS5.

And to do this, four members of Arsenal’s first team appear in the new TV ad learning ballet moves with guidance from star dancers of English National Ballet and choreographer and dancer Jenna Lee. All part of the DS5’s new ad campaign strapline of ‘The Refined, Redefined.’

And they couldn’t have picked four players with more contrasting styles and more contrasting haircuts either: Alex Song, Wojciech Szczesny, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Bacary Sagna, all first-team regulars.

In the advert, the players arrive at a mansion (actually Brocket Hall) where they meet four ballerinas. They start by warming up, immediately highlighting the contrast between the two types of warm-up routines. The players then try some ballet steps, helped by the ballerinas. After an intensive training session, the footballers and ballerinas perform together, before bowing to Citroën’s DS5, getting into the car and driving off.

All-in-all it last 90 seconds, and will be followed later this month by a ‘Making-of’ and two ‘Behind-the-scenes’ films, in which the players try out some more contemporary dance moves with goalkeeper Szczesny showing a musical talent that surprises both the ballerinas and his fellow players (as well as this writer.)

Jules Tilstone, Marketing Director at Citroën UK, commented: “As the Official Automotive Partner of Arsenal Football Club, we have already created a number of successful joint campaigns. With this project, we wanted to take their top class footballers, renowned for their refined style of football, and put them into a new environment that would redefine their sporting talents. It was a fantastic experience working with the Arsenal players and English National Ballet’s dancers in this way - a unique opportunity to bring together two contrasting worlds with individuals who are all at the top of their game.”

Vinai Venkatesham, Head of Global Partnerships at Arsenal Football Club, commented: “Our players really enjoyed the shoot, and the chance to demonstrate that their qualities of strength, agility, balance and focus are just as much a part of ballet as they are in football. We're really pleased with the end result, which we feel utilises our partnership to complement the positioning of the DS5 in a novel and engaging way.”

Watch out for the advert on your TV screens soon, and for the follow-up ads. And if you miss them, it’s available on Youtube already!

All this film time and there’s hardly a car in sight. Only at the end is the car revealed, and that’s the whole purpose of the ad. So what’s all this about then?

The New DS5 is compact and agile, spacious and versatile; it’s got five doors, five full-size seats and up to 465-litres of boot space; it has keyless access & start, smart beams, a colour head-up display and a new Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS); and it looks mighty fine too!.

There’s all the usual ‘ecological’ benefits too with low emissions, and mpg, as well as congestion charge exemption and everything that comes with improvements on the green side. And it recently picked up the Top Gear magazine Family Car of the Year award, as well as Car Design News’ Car Design of the Year voted by an international audience of automotive designers and industry experts.

Let’s hope it has a better season than the Gunners did this year.

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