Is This a Ford Galaxy I See Before Me?

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No Tragedy Guaranteed

It’s not often we can bring a touch of class to the blog (apart from some of the cars, obviously) so here we go with a bit of Shakespearian theatricals all intertwined with the 21st Century as part of a Winter’s Tale. (Or was that David Essex?)

It all started when the producers of “Muse of Fire”, a modern-day filmed road trip with a Shakespearean theme, set off for TEDx (standing for Technology, Entertainment, Design), in Madrid, from the Globe theatre on London’s South Bank, leaving their merry wives in Windsor. Driving the diesel Ford Galaxy Titanium 2.0 TDCi 163PS were two of the speakers at TEDx, Dan Poole and Giles Terera.

And it didn’t take the two intrepid producers long to arrive at the Matedero venue relaxed and fresh – in fact, they covered the 1,000 miles in 18.5 hours from the UK. (It isn’t clear if these two gentlemen passed through Verona on the way, bought a pound of flesh from merchants in Venice or if they stayed in Madrid for 11 days, coming home on the Twelfth night)

They said: “Driving to TEDx was the best idea for us. Part of our film is us very much interacting with people along the way, much like a modern day player travelling Europe and sharing stories. This is what the actors in Shakespeare’s time would have done, but in less luxury and on foot.

“The Ford Galaxy more than impressed us with its level of comfort and staggering fuel economy and we arrived without feeling exhausted.”

Mark Ovenden, Ford Britain managing director, was glad that the ride didn’t turn out to be a comedy of errors for the producers: “The Ford Galaxy offers first-class travel, which I’m delighted that these international drivers confirmed.”

The film from Dan and Giles, “Muse of Fire” (with more information available at is scheduled to be released in the UK next summer featuring many famous faces, including some that are just as famous for their Shakesperian stage work as their film careers. We are talking Ewan McGregor, Sir Ben Kingsley, Dame Judi Dench and Jude Law to name but a few.

You can also check out and @museoffirefilm on Twitter if you want more information on what may turn out to me much ado about nothing. Alternatively it could be all’s well that ends well.

The Ford Galaxy features innovations such as Auto-Start-Stop contributing to fuel economy of over 54mpg, blind spot alert and rear view camera as well as many optional extras. In fact, you can have the Ford Galaxy as you like it.


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