Formula E Set To "Electrify" Racing For The Future

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The car that the teams will be bringing to a "fully-charged" grid (Image credit:

In many ways, motorsport that currently exists on the racetrack is embracing new technologies to help promote a more carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly future for the world of racing. To date, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is the only carbon-neutral team to compete, and when you consider that it is in Formula One, it is a very impressive achievement.

Major brands have now jumped on board in order to help the next era of motorsport take flight, which includes Renault, Williams, McLaren Technologies, Tag Heuer and Qualcomm, for what is officially known as the FIA Formula E Championship. Alejandro Agag, who is the CEO of Formula E Holdings, was in extensive talks with FIA President Jean Todt and the FIA over a lengthy period of time to attempt to bring a new dimension to racing around the globe.

With four teams now signed up to the championship, which currently includes Drayson Racing Formula E, China Racing, Dragon Racing and Andretti Autosport, there is promise ahead for the provisional calendar for 2014 and 2015, which was unveiled very recently. Three continents with races set to take place on the streets of cities including Monte Carlo is set to hopefully bring an exciting new era for all concerned. The new Spark-Renault SRT_01E, shod with Michelin tyres, is set to bring a new level of motorsport entertainment for all that attend.

There are many out there that feel that this is not the way motorsport should become, as many are captivated on the sounds and the smells that normally-aspirated, high-powered engines provide, but racing in many ways, is having to take into consideration ecological concerns that are very real these days.

Motorsport in general, to the eyes of many fans, say that racing should not go this way, but with the fact that costs have to be controlled to ensure a closer form of racing, along with the current economics of the world market, it was inevitable that new technologies would have to be explored and instigated. Along with many people, I agree that the main aspect of racing is that the drivers and cars have to push to their limit, but there would eventually have to be compromises or alternative solutions made.

The way that electric vehicles have come to the forefront of sustainable mobility has been led by the Renault-Nissan alliance, as this kind of technology is somewhat still in its infancy. However, with the way that technology has advanced so rapidly over the last decade or so, it will only be a matter of time before the series really explodes into the stratosphere.

In retrospect, when the TT Zero race at the Isle of Man was brought in as a new future for the sport, opposition to the new category was firstly strong as profiled in the film “CHARGED,’ but over the last couple of years, it is a real part of the Tourist Trophy, which has helped the carbon footprint to drop to a level where it is one of the greenest racing events on two wheels in the world.

The fact that costs are being cut in a lot of ways when it comes to how Formula E will maintain fun, excitement and competitiveness on the track, helps to ensure promotion of a series where teams are regulated from the onset. With the help of its technical partners, FIA Formula E is trying to put procedures in place for all to attract as many outfits as possible to the championship.

This is further shown by what Michelin are doing to help out, by providing a sort-of-intermediate tyre, which will be durable enough to combat abrasive surfaces that are part and parcel of street circuit layouts, but will also be able to perform, come rain or shine.  The French tyre manufacturer has its roots in the motorsport world, currently supplying the WEC and other FIA-associated championships, with the core values being put to the ultimate test, which includes innovation and performance.

With the new breath of fresh air that Formula E is set to bring to the motorsport world, it seems that there could be more in store when it all gets fully charged and heads in the right direction…

To find out more about what the FIA Formula E Championship, you can go to their official website at, as the streets of cities around the world are set to be electrified by this new form of racing. The provisional calendar, which is set to be considered in December 2013 by the World Motor Sport Council, can also be found at, so you can see which race or races you may consider going to.








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