How Green Is Your Autogas LPG?

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Autogas LPG

The Green Gas of Home

The German government has compiled a database of vehicle testing information sourced directly from car manufacturers. Amongst the findings was confirmation that vehicles running on autogas LPG are generally greener than those powered by petrol.

The 2014 World LPG Forum took place in London, the first time the event's ever been held in the UK. There, environmental expert Dr. Eric Johnson presented the evidence.

“We’ve generally known that auotgas LPG is lower carbon than petrol,” he said, “but this recent evidence proves it conclusively.

“Indeed, what had been a trickle of automotive emissions data has now turned into a flood in recent years, which will surely give further support of the benefits of using autogas LPG and driving a bi-fuelled car.

“This evidence from Germany is conclusive proof that autogas LPG really does emit 11 per cent less CO2 than petrol from the tailpipe, and about 15 per cent less over its entire lifetime, from ‘well to wheel’, so has less environmental impact.”


Dr. Johnson also spoke of the possibility of manufacturing even better autogas LPG powered cars in the very near future. Industry efforts have so far been focused mainly on the development of petrol and diesel models. Dr. Johnson believes there to be unfathomable potential in autogas LPG technology.

On the continent, over 20 vehicle manufacturers currently offer autogas LPG cars, and these models could reportedly save motorists up to 40% on their annual fuel bills. In the UK, however, car manufacturers seem markedly less keen to offer drivers an autogas LPG option.

Nonetheless, there's currently an estimated 160,000 vehicles in the UK that are powered to run on autogas LPG, with around 12,000 being converted each year. For that reason, Linda Gomersall of leading LPG provider Autogas Limited believes that it's time our government did something.

“The UK government has supported autogas LPG with less duty,” she said, “and we would urge them to take the findings from this report and make a long-term commitment to supporting the fuel differential rate between autogas LPG and the more expensive alternatives.

“This, in turn, would attract more UK car manufacturers to offer autogas LPG ready variants to British car owners who can benefit from reduced running costs, while also helping the environment.”

LPG – The New Normal?

Would you – or indeed, do you – drive an autogas LPG powered car? If not, why not? If so, is the experience noticeably different to that of driving a petrol or diesel car?

Whatever your views on autogas LPG as an alternative fuel source, research indicates that its use is on the rise.

There are currently some 1,400 LPG refuelling stations in the UK, and most petrol cars can be easily converted to run on this low-cost fuel source.

It's estimated that by 2020, there'll be nearly 23 million vehicles in the world running on LPG. Will you be driving one of them?

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