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Next Green Car BMWi3_supermini-winner-2013

The Green Green Class of Home

Last week we reported the shortlist for the 2013 Next Green Car Awards. Next Green Car today announced the winners.

Ladies and gentlemen, these cars represent the greenest cars available in 2013. The Next Green Car Awards are the most scientific of all such awards. Awards aren't doled out based solely on prestige, sales or popularity. Rather, they're based on the infallible Green Car Rating (GCR).

Put All My Faith In GCR

Whilst innovation, value, drive experience and design do play a part, it's the use of the GCR that really adds weight to the Next Green Car Awards.

Whilst most people focus upon CO2 when assessing green cars, the GCR takes into consideration all air-based car emissions over a car's lifetime. In this way, it's possible to spot trends and make more rounded comparisons between different vehicles and fuel types.

For instance, though diesel engines typically emit lower amounts of CO2, petrol engines fare better when you take into consideration NOx and particulate emissions.

The GCR is intended to be used by non-experts to make an informed choice when choosing a green car. For that reason, it's expressed as a score out of 100. The lower the score to zero, the greener the car.

The 2013 Next Green Car Awards

Says Next Green Car managing editor Dr. Ben Lane: “The 2013 winners reflect two key elements underlying current green car development: drive-train electrification and continuing improvements in fuel efficiency.

"While all the winners are highly distinctive in the innovations they employ, they all excel at using new technologies to enhance the driver experience."

Winning in the Supermini category was the BMW i3 electric (pictured). With zero CO2 emissions, it has a GDC rating of just 23. Next Green Car applauded it for maximising “electrification, connectivity, quality and driving performance”, noting that the car is “set to change what we epect and demand of an electric urban vehicle.

The 2013 Next Green Car Small Family Award went to the latest version of the Nissan LEAF. Another zero CO2 emission vehicle, its GDC stands at 26. Next Green Car praised it for its “best-in-class range and versatility.”

The Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid triumphed in the Large Family category, with the Volkswagen Golf Estate 1.6 TDI BlueMotion taking home the Family Estate award.

Taking home the gong in the MPV category was the Citroen C4 Picasso 1.6 litre e-HDi, whilst the Captur 1.5 dCi Start-Stop, “the next big thing in the world of urban crossovers”, wiped the floor with the competition in the Crossover category.

Lauded as “the pin-up of the electric vehicle world”, the Executive Award perhaps had the Tesla Model S electric's name written on it from the start. Finally, the illustrious Next Generation Award went to the Volkswagen e-Up! Electric, which Next Green Car believe “could be the catalyst for a step-change in urban electric car adoption”.

So there you have it. The greenest cars going in 2013.

Far be it from us to stop you from rushing to lease any of these outstanding green cars. They're quite cheap to drive, and leasing them only serves to make the whole thing even more affordable.

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