Jaguar Land Rover Announces Investment Plans.

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Image courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

Image courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

 £500 million in the UK alone.

The Geneva Motor Show isn’t all just about what you show. There is also the chance to say as well – and that’s what Jaguar Land Rover have done as the UK’s largest premium automotive manufacturer and largest investor in automotive research and development by announcing plans for a massive investment in technology and innovation, with some great news for British workers.

Additional investment in new Engine Manufacturing Centre

Based in the UK, according to Jaguar Land Rover, their new Engine Manufacturing Centre “is essential to support the company’s long-term strategic growth plans and will be the home for a new generation of technologically advanced, lightweight 4-cylinder low emission diesel and petrol engines.”

And with this in mind, and as a real statement of intent and show of commitment to manufacturing and innovation in the UK, the car manufacturing giant has announced that it will be increasing its investment in the facility to a minimum of £500 million. This fantastic news means that the number of highly skilled engineering and manufacturing jobs at the plant will double, with the overall workforce on site will be around 1,400.

Dr Speth Speaks: Image courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

Dr Speth Speaks: Image courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

Speaking at the Geneva International Motor Show, Jaguar Land Rover’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Speth said: “Jaguar Land Rover’s new Engine Manufacturing Centre in the UK is a clear demonstration of our business strategy guiding our investment plans. Not only does it bring our engine supply back to our production doorstep, but it gives us significant new resource as we continue to innovate with new products and markets.”

One project that is already underway at Jaguar Land Rover’s advanced research and development facility is the development of their new family of engines which Jaguar hope will strengthen and expand the company’s engine range as well as helping to support the development of products in both the near and long-term future. These engines are planned to be to the usual high performance Jaguar Land Rover standards with levels of refinement that some competitors can only dream about and emission reductions that the planet is crying out for; both of which it is hoped will make Jaguar more competitive and attract more customers to the brand all around the world. They hope to add to the 80% of its vehicles that it exports – which incidentally has been worth almost £25 billion in export revenues for the UK economy in the last two years.

The new Engine Manufacturing Centre will open later this year as a state-of-the-art facility designed and specified entirely by Jaguar Land Rover – the first facility ever to be completed – and at almost 100,000 sq m, the plant will meet the highest standards of sustainable production and feature a range of energy efficiency technologies as well as including an engine testing centre alongside the manufacturing and assembly halls.

Once open, it is planned that the first engines will be coming off the production line in 2015.

Product Development has 8 new or refreshed products planned for 2013

9 gear manual: Image courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

9 gear manual: Image courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

In the words of Jimmy Cricket: “Come here; there’s more.”

Jaguar Land Rover are also investing £2.75 billion in product development to support the launch of 8 (YES: EIGHT!) new innovative products to help the company reach its business growth objectives. Among these products you will find the Jaguar F-TYPE and the introduction of the world’s first nine-speed gearbox in its Land Rover product line-up.

Dr Ralf Speth added: “Since 2008, we have invested in our business and will continue to do so in order to support our strategy for measured, sustainable growth over the next five years.”


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