It's The Jaguar Land Rover Virtual Experience, Everyone!

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Sci-Fi Lullaby.

It's the stuff of science fiction fantasy: A virtual showroom in which you can enjoy hands-on access to a range of vehicles through the medium of cyberspace; free from the stifling limitations imposed by real showrooms.

Jaguar Land Rover have just made that a reality.

The Jaguar Land Rover Virtual Experience is the most sophisticated system yet produced for the motor industry. Enabling almost 1:2 scale interaction with representations of any Jaguar or Land Rover model, it's as if the work of William Gibson has once again jumped from the page.

The Jaguar Land Rover Virtual Experience

Using a touchpad interface, the Jaguar Land Rover Virtual Experience allows you to select a model, an equipment grade and feature preferences which are then rendered in ultra-high resolution. The real time 3D image invokes a ground-breaking five million polygons. When they describe their system as “the most sophisticated yet”, they're not lying.

With the chance to make natural and intuitive movements or gestures to explore every aspect of any vehicle, it's second only to a real showroom when it comes to customer interaction.

Be that as it may, certain facets of the Virtual Showroom make it superior to a real showroom. Seeing as it only requires a display screen and a laptop to operate, it can easily be set up in vehicle showrooms, public spaces and even the sides of buildings. This means that Jaguar and Land Rover models can easily be brought to such locations where there might not previously have been enough space or access for a vehicle. No longer will you have to drive to the outskirts of town to browse the vehicle market, you might soon be able to get a reliable impression of what's out there on the high street.

Hi, I'm From The Internet

The Jaguar Land Rover Virtual Experience appeared at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, where it was used to demonstrate the new Jaguar F-Type and Range Rover models. The next step is further development in order to ultimately present the entire Jaguar Land Rover model portfolio in every conceivable variant.

Says Nathan Summers of Jaguar Land Rover: “Jaguar Land Rover offers customers an exceptional breadth of choice to tailor their vehicle.

“Virtual Experience presents customers with the opportunity to experience their personally designed vehicle in a very real environment.”

I'm more excited, though, by the wider implications of this technology. It feels like we're closer than ever to the fully interactive online worlds of Michael Marshall Smith and William Gibson!

Ignore The Matrix; this can only be a good thing. You hear? A good thing.

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