Jaguar Update Their XJ For 2013

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We all know how good Jaguars look, feel, sound and drive, but isn’t it reassuring to know that the company doesn’t just sit back and rest on its laurels when creating something that they themselves are delighted with. And it shows real respect to the customer to say “Hey! We’ve given you the best we can do, but new technology has come along and we think that we can do a bit better.”

Which is where the 2013 updates to the XJ come in. And it looks like they have managed to produce something for everyone; from the speedster to the audiophile.

The key change, I would suggest, will please those who look what’s under the bonnet and are pleased with what they see as the 3.0 V6 Supercharged petrol engine has replaced the 5.0 NA derivatives – bringing it level with its diesel sibling, which finds itself updated with the same standards as its new petrol brother; it’s good to share. Based on the Jaguar’s legendary V8 engines, the car manufacturer has somehow managed to as near-as-damnit replicate the performance and efficiency

This allows the 24 valve engine with an 8-speed Automatic gearbox to create something around 30mpg with 224g/km CO2 emissions, and a 0-60mph of 5.7 seconds. And, for the first time, Jaguar have installed Stop/Start technology in all XJs, following the success of the initial introduction in the XF 2,2D.

It's a beauty inside too!

It's a beauty inside too!

It all sounds so good already, but when you are inside and you decide to look at the audio system, you’ll find yet more updates,

And the biggest update is the change of manufacturer of them. Meridian™ Audio Systems have a reputation for being one of the best, if not THE best, producers of audio equipment and audiophiles will be salivating at the mere thought of Meridian™ audio systems being made standard on selected XJs (and as an option on others), replacing the already high standard Bowers and Wilkins system.

Radio-wise, everything is now DAB digital audio, bringing the car up to the line with the XF and XK models, so less crackle and more pop (or classical, rock, soul etc.)

And not only are Jaguar leading the way themselves, but the car does it for you with its Navigation system getting an update too with Dynamic Zoom, Visual Lane Guidance in split screen, Motorway Road Sign Display

Navigation Improvements  and ‘Avoid area’ management – where you can choose areas and black spots to avoid if you are travelling anywhere regularly. All you need to do is drive – but maybe Jaguar are working on doing this for you too? Who knows?

Finally, for the laid-back driver who just likes to drive in comfort because they just like to drive, either for fun or business, all of the XJ models have improved suspension just to make the pleasure of driving a Jaguar XJ exactly that.

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