Legendary Jaguar Combination At Donington Historic Festival

By Elliot | 26th March 2012 | Category: Motor Festivals | Leave a comment

Reims Grand Prix, 1952 – soon-to-be Sir Stirling Moss drives a Jaguar C-type to glorious victory.

This was more than a mere race win. It was, in fact, the first ever race victory in a disc-braked car. This landmark event served to cement Jaguar's reputation for innovative technology and, as a result, disc-brakes soon became universal technology for all motoring – a position they still hold today.

It's understandable, then, that so many people should be excited by the imminent Donington Historic Festival. There, on Sunday 6th May 2012 – exactly 60 years after the fact – Sir Stirling Moss will take to the track once again in the exact Jaguar C-type in which he reaped victory in 1952.

This is a particularly momentous occasion, as Sir Stirling retired from racing last year at the age of 81. Nonetheless, the history-making car will be reunited with its rightful driver as they complete some demonstration laps for the viewing pleasure of bleary-eyed spectators.

Sir Stirling will also be signing autographs for his fans during the day. You can actually meet him!

But don't crowd him. We want for this to be a less intense day for Sir Stirling than Reims 1952. There, the heat was so intense and the competition so fierce that he was apparently near collapse after taking the chequered flag. Reportedly, whilst the National Anthem was played in honour of his victory, his team helped him to stand and poured a bucket of water over him to keep him conscious.


Sunday morning at the Donington Historic Festival will also see the Stirling Moss Trophy for pre-1961 sports-cars and sports-racers. One can only imagine how it feels to watch people compete in a race named after you.

Is this all sounding like exactly the sort of thing you'd like to see yourself? I mean, we've not even mentioned the huge number of car clubs who'll turn out to display their cherished classics – just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the off-track action at this year's event.

If you're interested, know that day tickets for the Donington Historic Festival cost £18 in advance (£25 on the gate), while weekend tickets cost £30 in advance (£40 on the gate). Children aged under 16 are admitted free.

We're told that ticket prices have been kept low enough to encourage whole families to attend.

Exploit this. Bring the family. Enjoy yourself.

You've earned it. Just like Sir Stirling, you've earned it.

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