Lexus RC F Revealed at Detroit Motor Show

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Lexus RC F launched in Detroit

The North American International Auto Show in Detroit that starts today sees Lexus revealing their new RC F, a sports model based on the RC coupe which made its debut in Tokyo back in November last year

It’s a sports model so the first question is: “What’s under the bonnet?” – and the answer is “Something impressive!” In fact, it’s a new 5.0-litre V8 engine with a maximum output set to be well above 450bhp that drives the Lexus RC F, making it the most powerful V8 road-going car that Lexus has yet to build.

Making it not only look good, but sound good too!

2013.12.10 LPMPD“The form of each component is carefully designed to contribute to performance,” said Yukihiko Yaguchi, Lexus RC F Chief Engineer. “Unique air outlets in the bonnet and rear section of the front wings contribute to optimum engine cooling and handling stability. They create a powerful look that immediately conveys the expectation of a dynamic driving experience.”

Exterior design

From the outside, the front of the Lexus RC F is dominated by the signature Lexus spindle grille that features a a single F mesh section all the way from the bonnet line to the lower lip, with the bonnet helping to make the profile so much more powerful than the existing RC as it is set that little bit higher.

And, as Mr Yaguchi just alluded to, the air ducts and strategically placed aerodynamic stabilising fins just add to the sporty nature of the car, whereas the model’s Lexus F pedigree is enhanced by the L shape outlets on the front wings and stacked, trapezoidal quad-outlet tailpipes.

It’s all a nod in the direction of the LFA supercar from which the RC F takes its design stance before it’s all topped off with the three wheel variations that can be displayed – all of them 10-spoke, 19-inch forged aluminium.

Interior design

Lexus 2And if the outside doesn’t get wolf-whistles (and if it doesn’t then the viewers are clinically brain-dead), the inside is guaranteed to send a shiver up and down the spine, with unique designs on the meters, steering wheel, seats, trim detailing and pedals.

Not so much a car interior as a cockpit, there is a central dial dominating the instrument panel which is electronically calibrated to fit in automatically with the Lexus RC F coupe’s four different driving modes, displaying different information colour and text size depending on mode.

The steering wheel has been redesigned to make sure that driving is as comfortable as it should be with optimised positioning of the shift paddles, a thick grip and an elliptical cross-section.

And there are even L-shaped rubber slits on the brake and accelerator panels to give a better grip as well as making the car look good – because no stone has been unturned and no detail overlooked when it comes to the car.

That even extends to the high-back seats that have been finished with an embossed F on the headrests with stitching inspired by modern high-tech athletic sportswear.

More information of course will be available once the Lexus RC F launch has finished today at the Detroit Motor Show, but be warned; it will only make you salivate more!

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