Man or Machine - Who Will Triumph?

By Elliot | 8th August 2011 | Category: Alfa Romeo | Leave a comment

Alfa Romeo, the official car supplier to UK Athletics (UKA), have been staging a series of events which pit the athletic prowess of humanity against the slick manoeuvrability of their MiTo models. They call it Man versus MiTo, and it's quite exciting.

The latest challenge saw former European and Commonwealth Champion Iwan Thomas go head-to-head against the Alfa MiTo in a 3.8 mile race around the streets of London. The race starts where it ends – Tower Bridge.

The Alfa MiTo was driven by two of Britain's greatest hopes in winning World Championship medals: European and Commonwealth 110m Hurdles Champion Andy Turner was driving, whilst UK Long Jump record holder Chris Tomlinson provided the navigation.

The Alfa MiTo range now includes the 1.3 JTDM-2 85 bhp version which boasts emissions so low that the vehicle's exempt from the congestion charge. This is why the race took place in London, you see. To make a point.

To see the full series of Man versus MiTo films, click here.

I don't know about you, but I'm always going to be rooting for man. The moment machinery gets the upper hand is the moment we must begin to worry about the very survival of our failing species.

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