Mercedes-Benz S-Class Named Luxury Car of the Year

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2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

That Was Quick

2014 is less than a week old, and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has already been named the “Luxury Car of the Year” in the CarBuyer Car of the Year Awards.

Yes, just three days into its first full year on-sale, the all new Mercedes-Benz S-Class has proven its worth through netting a truly prestigious award.

Says Steve Fowler of CarBuyer, “Mercedes has always been a byword for luxury and the new S-Class takes it to a whole new level.

“It manages to perfectly blend the very latest technology with traditional levels of opulence to produce the perfect luxury car.”

Every Other Car, Thanks For Showing Up

Awards are weird. Who seeks out the best a year has to offer when said year is still of a dull blue colour and recovering from a hangover? How can anyone possibly declare any car to be the “Luxury Car of the Year” when most of the country has only just dragged itself back to work?

Did the Mercedes-Benz S-Class wait until we were at our lowest, our most desperate for any shard of light and warmth, no matter how fleeting? Has it been prowling in the wings for the past few months, patiently awaiting our darkest hour, rearing to pounce and dazzle us with glamour?

Or are these CarBuyer Car of the Year Awards a celebration of the previous year of motoring? In which case, it's even more remarkable that a car most people haven't even seen yet, let alone had the pleasure of driving, should receive this award. The 2014 Luxury Car of the Year is next year's model. Every other car? Thanks for showing up.

Of course, this is exactly how awards work. But like I said, awards are weird. When they're not honouring the sacred, they're lavishing praise upon the new, the exciting, the dangerous. The CarBuyer Luxury Car of the Year award always had the words “Mercedes-Benz S-Class” written on it. It's we who have been lagging.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Interior

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Dashboard

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Of course, this award may have been doled out based on reputation alone. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been a benchmark of style and desirability ever since its 1954 introduction. It's always been particularly popular in the UK. For six out of the eight years of production, more examples of the previous model were registered in Britain than any other luxury car.

The arrival of an all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is therefore a big deal. This might be the luxury car of the next five years, never mind this year.

The latest generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class features a host of luxurious features that are sure to make other cars look on with jealous headlights. Comfort and refinement is the order of the day, with highlights including seats that mimic hot stone massages, heated armrests, a choice of seven soothing light schemes for the interior.

Then there's the reassuring Magic Body Control, which reads the road conditions ahead before adapting the damping accordingly. Potholes thus pass-by unnoticed, and a beautifully smooth ride is achieved on even the most demanding of wintry roads.

Indeed, with its comforting interior and reliable stability, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class seems perfectly adapted to lift the UK out of its wintry January funk.

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