New Mini John Cooper Concept Announced

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World premiere at the North American International Auto Show 2014 in Detroit.

MINI John Cooper Works Concept

The MINI John Cooper Works model is a classic; no doubt about that. Its hallmark MINI style and race track technology give it character and its genuine everyday usability gives it respectability.

And just when you thought that it couldn’t get any better, along comes the MINI John Cooper Works Concept to move it onto the next stage with a promise of “maximum driving fun to the small car segment”.

hn Cooper Works ConceptFirst sight of the MINI John Cooper Works Concept will be at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2014 where it will be proudly displaying the fact that not only is it a MINI, but a John Cooper Works one as well with all the innovative sportiness and John Cooper Works features that you would expect – and much more; including exclusive body paintwork in Bright Highways Grey, familiar MINI red colour accents, bespoke aerodynamic features and a newly developed design of 18” John Cooper Works light-alloy wheels.

The designers working on the MINI John Cooper Works Concept have taken a long hard look back at the legacy of the car and its many years of motor sport experience, and then looked forward to a future that includes a complete sport-thrilled driving experience. Taking fresh eyes and looking into how the high performance powertrain and chassis technology combines with the legendary MINI John Cooper aerodynamics has led to even more surefootedness as the driver experiences what can only be described as “hardcore driving fun" in a MINI Go-Kart. And this is taken to new extremes by the new MINI John Cooper Concept.

hn Cooper Works ConceptWhen it comes to the very basics, the Concept has taken its inspiration from the latest-generation MINI with its longer wheelbase and wider track, both of which cannot fail to influence how the car is driven, yet tests on the car have shown that the new concept model is more powerful, punchy and agile than its predecessor; mainly due to a decrease in overall weight and improved aerodynamics courtesy of the already-mentioned MINI designers. We tip our hats (if we wear one) to you good people!

The look is comparable but different to the existing MINI with large air intakes filling the space normally reserved for fog lights and LED headlights and a black surround on the front grille completing the head-on look. And to help further with aerodynamics there are specially contoured side skirts, a rear apron with flaps and a diffuser element, and a roof spoiler that is designed to channel the air more efficiently at high speeds.

MINI have tried to give the MINI John Cooper Works Concept its own identity and character, and one way that they have managed to succeed is with the colour of it – and the process of creating that colour. The Bright Highways Grey exterior paint shade is made specially, then hand-polished before being finished with a clear coat, resulting in an eye-catching lustrous sheen. If you add in the MINI John Cooper Works hallmarks like the contrasting red on the roof, roof spoiler and exterior mirror caps, Chili Red Sports Stripes on the bonnet and roof lid (and white on the roof) and red accents on the rim wells of the wheels, the callipers of the sports brakes, the side indicator surrounds, the John Cooper  Works logo on the radiator grill and the contour lines of the front and rear apron, and then you will know that this car is one that DEMANDS attention.

hn Cooper Works ConceptAnd that attention is also grabbed before you even see the car with a sports exhaust system that includes the John Cooper Works silencer system, and the striking twin tailpipes with chrome finish that also carry the John Cooper Works logo.

It all sounds amazing (that’s the whole thing; not just the exhaust) and MINI haven’t finished there yet. They have promised that the MINI John Cooper Works Concept will, post-debut, be the subject of even more development, giving us even more to look forward to.

Can you wait? I can’t!

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