Nissan NV400 Preview

By Mark | 30th April 2011 | Category: New Van Launches | Leave a comment

Nissan’s NV400 was released recently in answer to their previous much loved NV200 to make an early bid for one of the success stories of the large van market for 2011, with the NV400 being launched on the 12th to 14th of April this year at the Birmingham NEC CV Show and the Hannover CV Show last September. The van continues Nissan’s naming policy for its van range with all future models taking the NV title with NP and NT being given to pick ups and larger trucks respectively.

Visually the van builds on the traditional image of Nissan’s range of Pick ups and SUV’s and the grounded, bullish appearance is designed to accentuate the undoubted strengths of the model. It takes and adapts three key attributes from Nissan’s previous ranges; the bonnet, grille and headlamps in order to create a new range of commercial vehicles that will truly stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Dominated by the circular Nissan badge, the central black honeycomb grille is dissected by wide angled struts that form extensions of distinctive twin indentations in the bonnet to form a broad 'V' shape to the nose of the vehicle to create a more angular, aggressive face. The final piece of the NV400 look is the deep and robust matt black bumper which incorporates indentations for driving/fog lamps and a central air intake grille. On either side of the bumper a distinctive scoop not only adds strength to the assembly but also adds to the purposeful look of the van.

The chief designer responsible for the NV400 said that the “NV400 will share all the practical aspects of the various versions of the range, but we wanted our adaptation to have a genuinely different look. The adoption of the Nissan angle strut grille – pioneered on models such as Pathfinder and Navara – certainly does that,”

“We have ensured the headlamp treatment is quite different, too. The grille and headlight assemblies have been designed as a single piece of architecture rather than a series of interlocking shapes to give that grounded, stable shape. The result exaggerates the vehicle’s width making it appearing more dynamic.”

Pricing and specifications for the NV400 aren’t available currently (hence a lot of talk about the looks and not a lot else) but will be revealed shortly before its official release in October 2011.

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