How Many People Can Fit in a Mini?

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If you had to guess, how many people do you think could fit inside a new Mini? 15? 20? Maybe even 25? Well according to the latest attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records the number is even higher. We hope you’re sitting down, this one’s a doozy!

Defying all odds, a team comprised entirely of women met at Potters Field Park, London last week to break the world records for people occupying an original Mini as well as the new model. According to The Herald Scotland, they managed the fit 28 into the new mini, breaking the previous record of 27, and squeezed 23 into the classic mini, surpassing the earlier record of 21.

Occupying all the seats in the new Mini, the team got a few members on the dashboard as well as footwells, fitting an additional four members in the boot. Taking the group a full 18 minutes to wiggle into the car, participant Charlotte Austin said “'I was in the boot so probably the easiest position to be, 'cause we are one of the last in. I was keeping everyone packed in behind me and like had someone's arm wrapped around me. My legs up in my face but I had no one there so it was ok.”



Commenting on this achievement, the Guinness World Records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday said: "The Mini is a British icon, and the Mini-cram has become a symbol of classic world record breaking, up there with cream-cracker eating and leaving your fingernails untrimmed. And like Guinness World Records, it's a successful child of the 1950s.”

He continued by saying that “Guinness World Records Day is a chance to celebrate not just the incredible individual achievements but also civic and national pride - whether it's trying to squeeze into the ultimate British icon, the Mini, or an Aussie holding the longest note on the didgeridoo or thousands coming together to perform a symbolic dance, this year it seems to be all about bringing records back home to the people who are most passionate about enjoying their culture and national identity."

More than 420,000 people took part in the eight annual Guinness World Record Day. Amongst the many strange records broken that day was the longest note on a didgeridoo, most pogo stick jumps in one minute, and longest duration spinning a basketball on a toothbrush. But even amongst such oddities, perhaps the strangest was the fastest 100m run on all fours.

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