Renault's Electric Kangoo Z.E Eligible For Government Grant

By Elliot | 21st February 2012 | Category: New Van Launches | Leave a comment

Have you heard of the UK's new Plug-in Van Grant? Open to both businesses and private buyers, it basically gives you a 20% discount on eligible plug-in vans up to a maximum value of £8,000.

Renault are pleased as punch to announce that their Kangoo Van Z.E – current International Can of the Year and the world's first 100% electric commercial vehicle produced directly by a mass market manufacturer – is indeed eligible for the Plug-in Van Grant.

This brings the starting price down to a mighty impressive £13,592 (excluding VAT).

Now, when the discount is coupled with the amount you'll save on fuel costs, it really does make a lot of financial sense to go green, doesn't it?

Commenting at the official launch event in London, Transport Secretary Justine Greening (pictured) said: “Our new grant demonstrates that you can be a motorist and still be pro-environment. Cars and vans are absolutely central to people’s lives – it’s how most of us get around and for many journeys they are, and will remain, the only practical and convenient travel choice. Nevertheless climate change is a global challenge we simply have to meet head on. It cannot be ignored or side-stepped.

“The new Plug-in Van Grant – offering up to £8,000 off one of these seven innovative vans – also makes business sense as it’s been estimated that a small electric van will typically cost £100 less in fuel for every thousand miles driven compared to a diesel equivalent.”

Thanks, Justine.

So. Could this be the beginning of the end of the white van man as we know it? Is he to be replaced by his more noble counterpart – the green van man?

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