Looking Into Romney’s Garage

By Mike | 29th March 2012 | Category: Chrysler | Leave a comment

As competition between United States Republican presidential candidates unravels, each individuals past and future open up. Revealing themselves to the world, the nominees begin to exhibit material flaws that bring them down to our human level. While some have more to hide than others, the current leader of the pack, Mitt Romney, looks to be covering up quite a bit more.

Even before he began the race, Mr Romney was one of the wealthiest individuals in the country. Indeed, current estimates produced by Bain Capital suggest that the man is worth as much as $250 million. Portrayed by the democrat-leaning media as a perfect representation of the top 1 percent, he has had a though time disproving the claims made against him. Readying himself against the newest claims, reporters have revealed that Mitt Romney spent an estimated $12 million for his ocean front property, renovating a number key features.

Exacerbating the claims made against him, reporters at Politico got their hands on the plans for Romney's split-level garage, outdoor shower, and indeed an impressive 3,600-square-foot basement. The car lift located in his garage was perhaps the most interesting among the items revealed. Reporters have revealed that the lift will allow for a more exact organisation of Mitt's car collection, giving him more maneuverability. SeatlePi has suggested that the garage already houses his wife Ann’s two Cadillac SUV’s but there was a need for more.

The second mansion owned by the former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney recently suggested that he will make the home three times larger to maintain its frontal façade. Among the additions will be a water feature as well as outdoor shower. While all this is still in the planning formation, the construction will not start until after the 2012 election. For now all the candidate has done is pay $21,000 to a lobbyist in order to walk him through the process of permits as well as site development. Indeed, a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee has gone on the record as saying that “well, doesn’t everyone need an elevator for their cars? Even if you have to hire a lobbyist to secure it?”

A conservative Mormon, Romney has had to compete against the likes of Rick Santorum as well as Newt Gingrich with a considerable handicap. While his position has swayed in the past weeks, it continually looks like he will become the party’s representative. Disconnected with the core of his party, we’ll see how he fares against the debates with Obama in the next few months if he gets the nomination.

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