RSPB Latest To Embrace Renault ZOE

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Renault ZOE RSPB

I Believe I Can Fly

The fully-electric Renault ZOE has received yet another dose of recognition and appreciation.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) care deeply about nature, and they believe that climate change poses the single biggest threat to the long-term survival of birds and wildlife. As a result, they've recently been doing all they can to reduce their carbon footprint.

They've submitted a planning application for a single wind turbine in a field adjacent to their headquarters at The Lodge. But the RSPB also have a fleet operation some 300-vehicles strong. To continue the process of cutting down their emissions on this front, the RSPB headquarters have just obtained a Renault ZOE.

Renault & The RSPB

The Renault ZOE is the second electric vehicle the RSPB have added to their ranks. Their Bedfordshire base currently makes use of a Renault Kangoo Van Z.E, the effectiveness of which led them to consider Renault's bright new star.

Says the RSPB's David Waller: “As a wildlife conservation charity acutely aware of the potential impact of climate change, the RSPB is particularly committed to minimising its own CO2 emissions.

“The operational success of the two electric Kangoo Vans, one being in London, definitely influenced our thinking when considering the Renault ZOE. As a charity with limited funds, the price point was another positive factor in our decision...So far the ZOE has proved very popular with drivers.”

Once their wind turbine's up and running, the RSPB's electric fleet will be charged from clean and renewable energy. This is a fine example of how to paint your entire operation green, and hopefully other companies from the third sector and beyond will take note and follow suit.

The Renault ZOE

The Renault ZOE is the flagship vehicle of the French brand's 100% electric vehicle range. A stylish, affordable and versatile supermini for everyday use, it's the first car of its kind to have been designed from the ground up as a fully-electric vehicle.

It's also the first car to use the Chameleon Charger, which is capable of adapting to all power levels from 3kW to 43kW. As a result, when using a Rapid Charger 43kW AC power source, it's possible to charge the Renault ZOE batteries up to 80% in as little as 30 minutes.

With a real world range of between 64-90 miles, the Renault ZOE also has the longest range of any affordable fully-electric vehicle. It's outranged by the Tesla, but the Tesla is significantly more expensive.

The Renault ZOE was recently declared the “Eco Champion” at the Green Apple Awards, in the belief that this just might be the key that makes people finally consider electric cars as a viable option.

When you look at how keen the RSPB were to embrace the Renault ZOE, it's hard to disagree with that notion.

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