Small Is The New Big

By Kevin | 28th August 2011 | Category: Volkswagen | Leave a comment

City motoring seems to be the new target for car manufacturers with gas-guzzling larger cars being cast aside for their smaller cousins. Obviously there will always be a need for SUVs and the like for family reasons, but perhaps people are buying smaller as a 'second' car to zip around the city/town/village in.

Coming soon are all the small electrics, but also arriving soon are three new small motors all about to play a rather large part in the future of three of the major players in automobile manufacturing, all aiming to be dominant in their field.

Toyota's new Yaris aims to win back sales lost in their global recall crisis and by the chaos that Japan suffered with the earthquake and tsunami. And next year they launch a hybrid version with a rumoured 75mpg.

But this new one comes with a 5 year/100,000 mile warranty, and starts from a very competitive £11,170 for a 1 litre 3-door T2.

Volkswagen  release the Up! (not to be confused with the film) which they see as a bit of a pioneer in their ambition to take over from Toyota as the world's number one car maker. Available from early next year in the UK at the lowest price of £8,000 for the Take Up! (The Move Up! costs a bit more), VW would like it to be considered for the title of 'the people's car' as it, at a push, culd be considered a family car - for a very small family.

And then thre's the Kia Rio, aiming to consolidate Kia's fast-growing reputation as a soon-to-be manufacturing giant alongside Korean partners Hyundai.

This is, of course, a NEW Rio, replacing the original that was, in all honesty, disappointing. But this one is a bit of a sophisticat, something reflected in its opening price of around £10,595 for a 1.25 litre.

All 3 cars have a host of standards from electric windows to ipod generation sound systems and, naturally, they are all economically and ecologically sound.. After all, they will soon be fighting it out for city drivers' hearts against the promised electric invasion.

And they all join the tiny revolution that  also includes Suzuki's Alton, SEAT's Ibiza Copa, Hyundai's 110, Ford's Fiesta Studio, Vauxhall's new Corsa and Chevrolet's Aveo, amongst others.

The small revolution is underway.

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