Supermarkets cut petrol prices again

By Kevin | 29th November 2012 | Category: Latest Car News | Leave a comment

Now this is one blog article that I am glad to be writing again and again and again until it’s at a reasonable level

Following on from the last drop in petrol prices, TESCO have just dropped theirs another 3p a litre, with ASDA almost matching it with a 2p a litre drop.

This means that a litre of petrol should cost around 129.7p and diesel around 137.7p; as TESCO so rightly say “Every Little Helps.”

Just for a change we have RAC Technical Director David Bizley speaking instead of the AA’s Edmund King: "Every penny off fuel makes a difference for motorists. Our members are telling us that the price of fuel is having a negative impact on their lives as they are cutting social and family journeys in an effort to save money.

"This will help make it a little more affordable for families to travel to spend time together this Christmas. What would really make this festive period special would be for the Chancellor to announce next Wednesday that he is scrapping the 3p duty rise planned for next January.”

Hooray! Good to see George Osborne getting another heavy-handed nudge in the ribs to lose that January rise. Does he really want to become the most reviled man in the UK? (Maybe he is already, but there’s always another headline just around the corner!)

David Blizey continues: "In particular people living in rural areas are at their wits' end. They are telling us that they have no alternative and are having to cut back on other essential household bills in an effort to keep their cars on the road in order to get to work, school and maintain contact."

It is said that concern over fuel prices is being cited as a reason for non-visits during the festive season; whether or not my mother down in London will accept that I don’t know, but I will certainly try it.


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