It Is A Thin Line Between Love And Hate

By Kevin | 3rd December 2012 | Category: Car and Van Info | Leave a comment

It is interesting to think about what we like and what we hate, especially if you write them down. But it becomes so much more interesting if you actually think about WHY you love or hate something. Is it a logical and rational decision, or are you being led by your heart to love or loath? Do you hate something just because you love something else?

Let me explain.

The whole idea for this particular piece of writing was down to a football match; not just any old football match though – MK Dons vs AFC Wimbledon in the FA Cup. To all you Premier League aficionados out there, bear with me, because one day this may be you.

Now, I am an AFC Wimbledon fan. I was a Wimbledon fan back in the days of the Crazy Gang and the win over Liverpool in the FA Cup final and all that, and I will stay a fan of Wimbledon as we struggle in Division 2 of the Football League, having taken only 9 years to get there.

But I HATE MK DONS with a passion. My wife thinks that it’s “just football” but it is so much more than that. When our football club was stolen from us by a Football League 3-man committee and shipped off in broad daylight to Milton Keynes in a ‘franchise-like’ move, it was devastating. Yet, in the same year, I found myself travelling down the M6 picking up two people I had met over the internet (stop sniggering at the back!) and going to Sutton United to witness the birth of a new club – AFC WIMBLEDON. Perhaps I love them because I was there at the birth and perhaps I hate MK Dons because they stole my club away from me – but that is what I would call rational and understandable. Irrational is the fact that I dislike anything from Milton Keynes: the grain station I pass through on the way to London, the Open University, the people… I have never ever met anyone from Milton Keynes! How irrational is that? I actually found myself sneering at people on a TV Screen today as they beat us with a lucky goal in injury time! (Bitter? I suppose so!)

But that’s my point; Rational and irrational. I dislike Deacon Blue as a band because I got bumped into at a gig by the lead singer Ricky Ross and he didn’t say sorry; I dislike Lancashire Cricket Club because I support Yorkshire CC (I come from London; it’s a long story – long and boring!); I don’t like Tomatoes but love tomato sauce; I hate a lad called Grant that I went to school with but I can’t remember why. Are there any rational explanations there?

It’s all to do with the head and the heart. Do Man Utd fans hate Man City fans because they are supposed to? Think Donny Osmond vs David Cassidy; One Direction fans vs JLS fans, Beatles vs The Rolling Stones, Tie wearers vs open collarers!

And your allegiances can change – but not when it comes to football (Note THAT MK Dons fans. Who did you support ten years ago?) When I worked in London I wondered why anyone would want to send their advertising design work to agencies in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. When I moved to Manchester in 1990, I wondered why anyone would want their work done by anyone in London.

I was a vinyl junkie – still am – and I thought CDs were the invention of the devil. Then I stated DJ-ing and had biceps like David Haye from carrying boxes of records about to gigs while my CD-led friends waltzed in with one case. Then I converted, and now see DJs wandering in with a laptop!

But one thing that will never change is my love for the MINI.

No reason, no rationale, no explanation – I just love the car.

I have never owned one; I have never even driven one – but boy do I love a MINI. Maybe it was The Italian Job that sparked it off, but I can’t recall ever sitting down watching the whole film. Perhaps the whole MOD/60s thing, but I really like lambrettas from then, and not at the expenses of the MINI. Maybe it is the admiring glances that you get from people as they walk down the street? What about the fact that it just LOOKS STUNNING in whatever colour – especially metallic red?

I can’t even begin to explain it, but I LOVE THE MINI. And one day…

In the meantime, I will continue to love pie’n’mash, The Jam, kicking leaves in the park with my grandson Ted, Ted himself and all my family up north, SOME of my family down south, writing, Power Rangers Samauri, doing stand-up comedy, cinnamon on top of a big blob of cream in a hot chocolate, the 60s TV Series of Batman, garlic and, of course, AFC Wimbledon.

I will continue to hate (Mostly completely irrationally) the MK Dons, celery, rude people, people who are late, Jim Davidson, John Terry, Simple Minds, all the really rubbish R’n’B type music polluting the airwaves at the moment (or is that my age?), FRED the Show, drivers who take up too much room in the car park with their great big car that they don’t really need as it’s never seen off-road, incompetence and Louis Walsh.

Are YOUR loves and hatreds real and rational, or completely a figment of your own insecurities?


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