Introducing The Alcraft Motor Company

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Image via Flickr user: landrovermena

The British automotive scene is about to get a little bit more refined with the introduction of a new bespoke design and engineering business called Alcraft Motor Company.

The fresh and exciting business surfaced in the news last week, catching the eye of many car enthusiasts with an eye for perfection as it is revealed to offer enhancing products with a British heritage; release custom Range Rovers, Land Rovers, Jaguar, as well as Aston Martins.

It benefits from London’s prestigious Royal College of Art where the company implements the opinions of students and experts alike, offering the latest in quality and design.

RCA senior tutor Matteo Conti recently said: “It is very unusual for the Vehicle Design programme to engage with a company outside the ranks of the car makers, but personalization is an important trend which the students now have to consider.”

This ethos was seen in the flagship Range Rover model that originated from this cooperative effort. However, it was than molded further by the design consultant Matthew Humphries who was the chief designer of Morgan Cars until last year.

Commenting on his achievement, Humphries said that: “We’re extremely pleased with how the Range Rover study has turned out. We’ve made it more elegant by simplifying the lines and have given it the timelessness associated with the best British design. We’ve also differentiated it more from the other Range Rover models and I think we’ve achieved a more limousine-like presence while ensuring a degree of classic British understatement.”

Chief Executive David Alcraft added to this debate by saying: “Although some customers want their cars to make loud personal statements, we believe there’s a gap in the market for personalising products in a way which explicitly respects their brands’ heritage and British style. This is something which is not specifically provided for by other companies. We’re very privileged to work with the Royal College of Art, which has helped us develop this ideology into vehicle designs.”

The company noted that the Range Rover was just one in a number of designs that the company is experimenting with. They noted that they would be taking customer inquiries about enhancement packages for their own Range Rovers as well as the Land Rover Discovery and Jaguar XF Sportbrake. Those interested can visit and check out what they have in store.

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