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When we are asked to visualize a police chase we immediately imagine films like Driver, Gone in 60 Seconds, or any number of James Bond movies. We think of drivers having use incredible speed and fast turns to beat the cops at their own game. While in reality some of these chases still remain as thrilling, perhaps even more so, a rather unique chase taking place in Essex will not be breaking any speed limits any time soon.

A 76-year-old woman was involved in what police dubbed the slowest-ever police chase. Grandmother Caroline Turner’s problems began when she was spotted driving the wrong way on a roundabout in her Ford Fiesta. The police tried to pull her over when she entered a dual carriageway but she would take none of it. Police sirens blaring, she went well up to 40 mph before remaining at brain shattering 10 mph for nearly 17 miles.

Taking nearly an hour for her to stop, she finally came to her senses when a rolling roadblock slowed her. It was than that a police officer ran along side the moving car and tapped on her window. He than opened the woman’s door and she finally realised that the jig was up.

The woman, knowing that she has caused more than a fuss, agreed to appear in court and is already planning on pleading guilty to her offences. She has since been disqualified from driving.

As Inspector Steve Brewer noted, driving licenses are important to many elderly people. To many they are the only means of getting to places as some locations have very limited public transportation systems. While one needs to balance all the needs of the community, tests need to be taken in order to determine whether elderly individuals eyesight as well as driving skills meet certain standards.

This race appears too surreal to believe. While it is certainly comical, a minute danger still remained, ultimately meaning that offers had to take actions to limit the impact of the incident. While the grandmother most likely won’t be spending hard time in a prison, it will certainly teach her to respect the rules of the road. Let us hope that the next time she’s ever found in a vehicle she takes care of herself.