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Every time I write an article of this nature, I'm always left hoping that future generations will scoff at how quaint a read such things make.

Next Green Car have a marvellous little device called the Zap-Map, which exists to detail the locations of electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the UK.

With the latest data taken into consideration, the number of charging points in the UK now exceeds 2,250 at 921 locations.

What's more, a further 4000+ “on-street” EV charging points are expected to be added by 2013.

Says Next Green Car's Melanie Shufflebotham: ““With the Vauxhall Ampera arriving in showrooms today, and the imminent launch of the Plug-in Prius and other electric car models, having a comprehensive and simple to use map such as Zap-Map is a key enabler to overcome range anxiety.”

Ah yes, range anxiety. That old chestnut.

But, as old chestnuts go, hopefully this one will eventually become as outmoded as the once-held conviction that if a human body exceeds a speed of 30mph, it will explode.