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5 mistakes to avoid when deep cleaning your car

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8 cleaning tips to kick dirt to the curb

A man washing a car with a sponge

1. DO pre-rinse your vehicle

2. DO clean your vehicle's tyres and wheels first

3. DO clean your vehicle from top to bottom

4. DO wash your vehicle in straight lines and rinse as you go

5. DO dry your vehicle using a clean microfibre cloth

6. DO wax and polish your vehicle

7. DO remove your vehicle's contents before you start to clean the interior

8. DO replace your vehicle's pollen filter, check your lights and top up your liquids

Cleaning your vehicle may seem like a simple task, however, if you use the incorrect tools and techniques you can reduce the effectiveness of your cleaning process. In some extreme cases, it could also cause you to damage your vehicle's paintwork

Keith Hawes
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

5 common mistakes to AVOID when cleaning your vehicle

man cleaning black car wheel with hose

1. Do NOT use washing-up liquid or kitchen detergents to wash your vehicle

2. Do NOT use a metal scourer or an abrasive sponge to clean your vehicle

3. Do NOT clean your vehicle in direct sunlight

4. Do NOT wait to clean bird poop from your vehicle's paintwork

5. Do NOT use automatic car washes

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