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The app gaming market is a fierce battlefield. There are constantly new and exciting racing titles being released on a monthly basis, each striving for your attention. The latest in this exclusive gaming frontier is Asphalt 8: Airborne, a game that itself comes from a long lineup Asphalt titles. But while 'experience usually means improvement,' this game leaves us questioning the basis of this truism, making us believe that perhaps 'less is more.'

Developed by the French software manufacturer Gameloft, the game features an assortment of 47 high performance vehicles in an array of exotic locations. Each combination will test the drivers skills by pushing the laws of gravity, allowing you to  barrel roll your way through the games many angled ramps as you try to finish in first.

Asphalt 8 allows you to chosen between various modes including Career mode, World Series, Wi-Fi race, and Solo race. The most exciting of these was Career mode which let you start with a minimum amount of money and lets you earn your way by racing and performing tricks. You’ll also be allowed to pick up stars throughout the game which unlike other events, ultimately opening up to a range of different experiences.

The driving experience is fairly enjoyable. The game runs smoothly on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and IPad while it tends to stutter on the IPhone 4S. The controls are all laid out in a similar style to most apps, allowing the driver to tilt the street, tap on left and right to brake and engage the nitro-boost, and auto-accelerate.

Unfortunately the game itself can be quite tricky to win, making it a bit of a headache for the uninitiated. The most frustrating are the Ai-controlled cars can be unforgiving. Similarly, it can be very difficult working your way up without purchasing additional cars, making this potentially a 'pay-to-win' title. Just know that if you’re starting from the bottom, beware, you may be in for a nasty surprise.

In terms of price, the game itself is quite cheap, costing just 69p. However, those that want to explore a bit more will have to purchase the expansion pack which costs a whopping £13.99. If you’re looking for some thrills we recommend trying the actual game out, but stay clear of the expansion as it doesn’t offer nearly enough to warrant the price.