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£2,000 Silver Cross pram is the new A-list must-have.

“We warmly welcome the Silver Cross Surf - Aston Martin Edition into the Aston Martin Lifestyle Collection.”

So said an Aston Martin spokesman when asked about their new model, promising their customers an Aston Martin-designed ride in comfort as a taste of the 007 lifestyle – but its passengers are unlikely to have any real comments because the new model is actually a product of a partnership  between Aston Martin and renowned baby carrier manufacturer Silver Cross.

Yes! The new Aston Martin model is a PRAM!

aston 2Not just any pram; the £2,000 model is 'the most exclusive pram in the world'.

Silver Cross have been making baby carriages since 1877 and the two companies claim that the exclusively designed Aston Martin Edition of the Silver Cross Surf is “designed to perfection with every detail considered.”'

The pram is trimmed with the same suede used in the luxury car and sports the famous winged logo on both the seat and the metalwork, while when it comes to the design of the aluminium wheels they had a good template to work from in the shape of the Aston Martin One-77, which retails for £1.2 million.

Newborn babies will no doubt appreciate the Alcantara (that’s really posh, y’know) lined seat pad, the super soft leather-trimmed handle and bumper bar as well as the Silver Cross air-ride suspension that guarantees a smooth ride on all terrains. For the owner/pusher (That’s parent/nanny in English), the multi-position handlebar “ensures comfortable pushing for everyone”.

Only 800 of these Silver Cross/Aston Martin hybrids are being made, and they are being sold exclusively at Harrods with a price of £2,000 – although the more that are sold, the more that price will rise on the baby black market – especially as “each pram will come with its own certificate of authenticity and an engraved brushed chrome plaque to confirm that it is one of a limited edition.”

aston 1Silver Cross said: “'A complete travel system with a fully reclining seat, forward and rear facing pushchair settings and a carry cot for use from birth; this really is a must have for the most fast-paced lifestyle and is quite simply the most exclusive pram in the world. The Silver Cross Surf - Aston Martin Edition is the ultimate in comfort for your baby and in style for the owner.”

Silver Cross chairman Alan Halsall (not, I guess, the actor who plays grease monkey Tyrone Dobbs in Coronation Street) said: “I am thrilled that Silver Cross and Aston Martin are working together and have produced this brand new totally exclusive pram which is a great testament to two of the most famous British brands.”

An Aston Martin spokesman said: 'Silver Cross has a long tradition of providing the finest for new families. The Silver Cross Surf - Aston Martin Edition has taken inspiration from our own expertise in engineering and design, with many of the materials and techniques used on the pram, also used in our own Aston Martin interiors."

Is there any coincidence that this “'ultimate in exclusivity” is being produced in the same year as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child? Silver Cross do have a history of supplying prams to royalty but Mr Halsall declined to be drawn on the new model's possible suitability for them, saying: “We're delighted if any consumer chooses a Silver Cross product.”

Maybe one will arrive in the post at Buckingham Palace for Great Grandma to use?