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Audi, famous Germany car manufacture, has set its eyes upon the Indian market as a new, and potentially lucrative, endeavor to develop its pre-owned cars. Called the “Audi Approval plus” program it will, like many manufactures like Mercedes have been doing for awhile, offer an official scheme to sell its previously owned cars

Like with most schemes of this nature, pre-owned cars are aimed at individuals who want luxury vehicles at non-luxury prices. The limitations that Audi has placed upon the cars chosen to be in the program usually determined by the specific model as well as age. Refurbishing the line, Audi has already established its brand throughout the world and it is slowly building up the used auto market.

The move to India has been seen as a strategic conquest that shall be continued through the South East Asian markets. Audi executives have estimate that it would sell roughly 5,000 Audi’s, however projected sales so far have only been 2,400. With the constantly evolving line, it is unsurprising that the manufacturer is releasing new vehicles, like the A6, to boost these salves even further.

The main strategy behind this move is to tap into unexplored areas of luxury vehicles that are slowly developing in India. It is currently in the tends of thousands of units, mainly dictated by demand, rather than availability, but there is hope that offering a refurbished vehicle would produce enough incentives to get local individuals to purchase their cars.

The strategy that Audi is using is founded on the principle of “completely knocked down” parts and vehicles to avoid having to pay enormous duties on the Audi’s being imported and exported. While having the facilities to import such parts and craft the cars may be costly, it ultimately works to Audi’s benefit, allowing for implementation of the method to be adapted to al the luxury models that it currently sells.