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Do you like speed? Ice? Exclusive luxury winter breaks which have the added benefit of putting your motoring skills to the ultimate test?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then listen up: Bentley's gonna sort you out.

Idyllic, far-north of Finland is a place with no shortage of motoring credentials: Four-time World Rally Champion Juha Kankkunen there shattered two ice speed driving records.

And now you can have a go!

Bentley's Power on Ice adventure gives you the chance to drive a 6.0 litre 567bhp (575PS) Continental GT coupe and a 621bhp (630PS) ultra high performance Continental Supersports coupe on one of the world’s most unusual and challenging test tracks.

“The circuits are crafted from snow and ice and are unlike any other track or road you have seen before,” says Peter Barnes a senior instructor with Bentley Driving.

“Power on Ice mixes the pure exhilaration of slaloming a Bentley supercar on a purpose-built course or taking a spin around a ‘figure of eight’ track, with the opportunity to acquire advanced techniques from a personal instructor, that will enable drivers to handle their cars with confidence even in the harshest weather conditions,” Peter admits.

Sound good? Or does it sound a little too “out there” for a holiday?

Well, threat not. After a hard day of driving on ice in Bentley's supercars, you can indulge in some hard-earned luxury at the mountainside Ruka Peak hotel. How does fine dining in front of open saunas with added saunas, shopping trips and husky-driven nature excursions across frozen lakes sound? Yeah? Yeah.

But how much will it cost? Well, tellingly, such information's not supplied in the press release. For that, you have to visit their website.

Make of that what you will.