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The energy revolution is upon us and nearly every car manufacturer wants a share of it. While hybrid vehicles have made leeway, electric car market is follow close behind. With BMW releasing their own interpretations on the theme and the Nissan Leaf becoming ever popular, Chinese firms are trying their hand at the innovative energy form, building their own vehicles to compete in this ever growing trend.

Called the BYD E6, while the car may not have a memorable name, its features are certainly not to be underestimated. The family sized, five-seater vehicle will boast the longest range of any vehicle in the class, reaching a whopping 186 miles on a charge and speeds of 140km an hour. While these claims remain to be tested, if verified the vehicle will certainly be deserving of some praise.

Costing around £25,000 (after a £10,000 government subsidy), the vehicle also lays claim to being the most environmentally friendly electric yet.  The company supports this claim by pointing to the unique set of Fe batteries. Rather than using toxic electrolytes, the 75 kw batteries are composed of iron. Taking only 40 minutes to charge, the company suggests that the battery doesn’t use any heavy metals that can be detrimental to the environment.

Standing for “Buy Your Dream” the company has been producing plug-in vehicles for quite some time. The company is also responsible for crafting a hybrid alternative called the F6 which can run 62 miles on the battery pack alone. But while other hybrids are charged through their petrol-powered engine, this one has to be plugged in at home. If indeed the E6 is a bit to expensive, the F6 alternative can be bought up for a mere £14,000.

The company that has been in the news recently due to a $200 million investment, roughly a 10% stake, made by Berkshire Hathaway. Run by the richest man in the world, Warren Buffet, BYD is certainly an automaker to watch out for. Being a man whose business acumen is unquestionable, based on his decision alone the company will certainly have a bright future ahead.

The Chinese government is indeed placing a great emphasis on clean energy. While it may be hard to regulate and the amount of companies needing policing is staggering, it is certainly a step in the right direction. With a £20 billion initiative in place, China is trying to promote the sale of these green vehicles quite adamantly.  Let us hope it catches on and becomes popular domestically as well as abroad. While the car company may not be competing with European luxury brands, who knows what the future may hold.