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There are few bonds in this world stronger than that of man and his machine.  In the sun or in the rain, they are they best of friends and nobody can come between them. This is the story of a Missouri man and his Chelsey Pearl, a couple who at one point had the time of their lives. Seen driving up and down the street, it was the story of pure romance, unadulterated by anyone else. But as with most love stories, tragedy strikes, and everything changed when his vehicle was ripped out of his life.

In 1995 Mr Edward Neeley from Jefferson City awoke to see his Chelsey gone. Not a sight for the faint hearted, he did not know what to do. Had she left him? Did someone take her? What was he to do? Calming down he contacted the police and let time take its course.

Days changed to weeks than years. He knew that he couldn’t wait any more and started to see a new car. While it may not have been what he wanted, he nonetheless made it work.

Browsing on the Internet, Mr Neeley looked up used muscle cars. Hoping to see something old, he accidentally stumbled upon a 1969 Chevy Camaro. It may not have looked the same but there was something about her that felt familiar. After doing some digging he was overjoyed find that it was his car, his Chelsey Pearl.

The police knew of the sad tale and instantly recognized “the old muscle car guy.” Looking into the cars past, investigators found that the VIN numbers had been switched. The car may have substituted hands many times before it got to the present owner. In many ways its present owner, Brent Dockery, was as great a victim as Mr Neeley since he not only bought the car for $16,000 but also put in an addition $10,000 in upgrades.

Determining that the rightful owner of the stole property was Neeley, Mr Neeley couldn’t hold in his excitement. Shipped to him from a very long ways away, the two were once more inseparable. Already seen speeding up and down his road, they were offered a conclusion to a harrowing tale. Let us hope they a long and happy life together, unhindered by any more tragedies.