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Many lease customers are confused as to what modifications they are able to make to their lease vehicle. Perhaps you want to add a feature such as a tow bar to your vehicle or want to customise your company car or van by adding company decals but aren't sure if you are allowed?

To help explain the rules around customising or modifying your lease vehicle, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts explain what type of modifications may be permitted on a lease vehicle and the considerations that you should take into account before making any changes.

I want to make a small modification to my lease vehicle, am I allowed?

We always advise that if you require any additional accessories fitted to your vehicle, such as a tow bar, you request this at point of order. If you have already taken delivery of your lease vehicle, some small and reversible modifications may be permitted by the funder.

Please note that any modification made to the vehicle will be at your own risk and may invalidate the vehicle warranty. You will also need to arrange for removal any modifications without damaging the vehicle before returning it at the end of the contract.

Before making any changes to your vehicle, please call our Customer Services team on 0345 811 9595 (option 3) to discuss the details with an adviser as permission and restrictions will depend on the modification in question, the manufacturer and the finance provider.

What type of modifications might be accepted?

As we mentioned above, you must always ask for permission from the finance provider before making any change to your vehicle as restrictions will depend on the modification in question, the manufacturer and the finance provider. Modifications that usually tend to be accepted by the funder include:

Tow Bar

A tow bar may be fitted in the back of the vehicle to carry a trailer or a caravan subject to permission by the finance provider. 

Dashboard Camera

A dashboard camera may be installed to the front of the car to record the view through your vehicle’s windscreen subject to permission by the finance provider. 

Vehicle wrapping 

Many companies wish to wrap their lease vehicle with company decals to promote their services and most finance providers allow this providing these are removed before the vehicle is returned.

Vehicle Tracker

Prestige or high value vehicles may be fitted with a vehicle tracking device subject to approval by the finance provider, helping to recover your car in the event of a theft.

Black Box

A telematics box, otherwise known as a 'black box', installed by your insurance company to track your driving activity may be fitted subject to permission by the finance provider.

Roof Racks and Racking

A roof rack is a set of bars may be placed on the top of the roof for transferring luggage, bikes, canoes and other equipment subject to permission by the finance provider. 

Van Ply Lining

Ply lining must be fitted to all leased vans to help protect you from any de-hire damage charges and to help maintain the resale value of the van. All vans leased with Nationwide Vehicle Contracts will be fitted before the vehicle is delivered to you.

What level of wear and tear is acceptable?

If you are returning your vehicle at the end of your leasing agreement, you must do so with no more than ‘normal’ wear and tear. Each finance company provides its own guidelines as to what is acceptable wear and tear, based on the age and mileage of the vehicle. Exceed these guidelines and you will be liable to pay for the damages. Please read our wear and tear guide to find out more.  

Have a question about customising your lease vehicle? Leave a comment below or call Nationwide Vehicle Contracts on 0345 811 9595 (option 3) to speak to an adviser.