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We live in an age of truly amazing technological innovation. Every car manufacturer under the sun is trying to create the next big thing, trying desperately to singlehandedly revolutionize the industry. It appears now that Nissan may have stumbled upon the holy grail of innovations: a car that not only park itself but can ultimately come to us when called.

While such innovation doesn’t seem to be of our time it nonetheless appears to be true.  Revealed at the 42nd Tokyo Motor show, the Pivo 3 concept car is the newest addition to the extraordinary Pivo line. Now making headlines around the globe for being something completely out of the ordinary, the concept continues the evolution to the smart community direction, fusing mobile performance with urban design.

Its most stunning features include its automated valet parking  (AVP) and charging functions. While many current cars come with parking assist, this function actually finds a parking spot, parks itself, and actually remembers it for future reference. Excellent for community driving in large cities, this technology will allow you to hit that difficult spot you were never able to before. However, Nissan wasn’t done just there, it added a mobile function that will allow you to locate the car using your mobile phone.

Another fascinating feature displayed by the small Pivo is its incredibly capability to do U-turns in just under 4 meters. The car is capable of doing this through a combination of narrow wheels and in-wheel motors, capable of manoeuvring into practically any position.

Keeping with the Pivo tradition, Nissan has made the most recent model a completely electric powered car. Using by-wire technology to limit the size of the electric motor and its application, Nissan was ultimately able to improve upon the vehicles original designs.

Lastly, the style of the new Pivo has altered since the last model. Netcarshow has suggested that Nissan design team has matured, offering a strong style. Most noticeable of the change can be seen in the front fenders as well as long body lines and angular planes. Indeed, the rear itself has become quite compact, creating a sharper and leaner machine.

While the car may not be finding its way to your home any time soon, it is certainly a rather unique display of Nissans future goals. Indeed, the future appears to be quite exciting, offering us with painless commutes. Nissan has struck a powerful chord, one that will hopefully develop further in the next Pivo model.