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Firstly, apologies for the obviously sexist phrase in the headline – I don’t mean it; it’s just a expressive term for a certain kind of car driven by a certain type of driver, and those ‘boy racers’ (as they can be termed) will not be too happy at the news that a girl is more impressed by the service book than the 0-60 figures or pimpness.

According to a study by Kwik Fit that involved 2017 respondents, 52% of surveyed women in a new study said that they were most impressed by well maintained cars, with just 5% turned on by speed and only 12% by an expensive looking car (compared to 20% of men.)

So, if men want to get the girls out of their dreams and into their cars, then they’d better get the vacuum and polish out and chuck those McDonalds boxes and empty Coke cans in the bin, because hygiene is a key priority for ladies assessing future partners. And more importantly, the inside of a car (14%) is more important to them than the outside (4%) – although the words “I wish my mum was this dirty” drawn in the dirt on your car bonnet isn’t exactly a crowd-pleaser.

Unsurprisingly, the older people get, the more impressed they are by the safety and maintenance of a car, and less impressed with speed – over twice as many over-45s are impressed by a well-maintained reliable car than under-35s.

Not to say though, that young girls aren’t impressed by a flashy car – they are. But for a classier lady, you need style inside as well as out!

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “Modern technology means that cars are faster and more powerful than ever before, but speed limits and environmental consciousness means that more respect will be earned from the opposite sex if a car is clean and well-maintained.

“It seems that women in particular rank attention to servicing above speed and even the price of the car, as they aren’t impressed by superficial issues. However, any man driving around in something which looks like a death-trap is warned that this could affect their chances with the opposite sex.”

And it all depends on your area too when it comes to perceptions – and not just the ladies.

Those in the West Midlands are the most impressed by how well a car is serviced, with motorists in Scotland, Wales and the East of England the least impressed by a well maintained car, but even 24% of them said it was the most impressive factor for them.

Roger Griggs continued: “It’s unanimous across Britain that a safe, reliable car is more impressive than one that’s fast, expensive or even clean. Any motorist who’s been unsuccessful wooing the opposite sex by tuning the engine or fitting sports suspension should try getting an oil service to see if that does the trick