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There are many cool developments in the automotive industry every year. Many new cars now boast a variety of high-tech equipment but if you're looking to make your driving experience even better, it may be worth investing in a new in-car gadgets. As such, we've put together a list of some of the best gadgets in the market right now, from GoPro cameras to iPad mount holders.

GoPro HD Hero 3

Go Pro Hero 3

One of the most popular cameras of the last years, the GoPro HD Hero 3 was created to satisfy all the action lovers out there. This small but really high quality camera promises to shoot every aspect of your drive. Not convinced? Check our blog post on the pros and cons of a dashboard camera.

BackUp Camera

Reversing cameras have become more and more popular with many manufacturers now including them as standard in their cars. A rear view camera not only can help you park your car in a limited space but also can prevent serious accidents with children and pets.

Car Management App

We are living in a world that is surrounded from smartphones, tablets and other smart electronic devices so there is almost an app for everything. But what about an app where you can track your mileage, fuel consumption and your car services?  Check out the most popular car management apps in Google Play.

Bluetooth Car Kit

Everyone knows how harmful can be using your mobile phone while driving. However, many people are still texting or on Facebook while they are behind the wheel, ignoring how hazardous their actions can be. 

According to RoadPeace.org the reaction time for a driver that uses a phone is 50% slower than normal driving. Bluetooth connectivity is an essential gadget for every responsible driver. On Amazon there is a big variety of Bluetooth kits for every budget.

Air Freshener-Purifier

Air Freshener

Nobody likes bad smells and especially driving around in a smelly car. However sometimes the typical old fashioned air fresheners are not enough to clean and refresh your car atmosphere. For this reason, there are in the market special car air purifiers. These small electronic devices are really easy to use by just plague them in a regular cigarette lighter and the purifier will start filtering the air and retaining the majority of the bacteria and odours that exist in the air.

Backseat Headrest Mount Holder

Car Headrest Tablet holder

This gadget is really affordable and perfect for a busy family life and long road trips. It is an attachment for the backseat headrest where you can put safe your tablet and leave your kids to enjoy their favourite movies.

Heads-up Display

A Car Heads up Display

As we mentioned before, it is really important that the driver is always focus on the road without getting distracted from electronic devices. A heads up display presents the relevant route information including current speed onto the windscreen so the driver does not need to look away from the road. 

Tried any of these gadgets? Let us know what you thought of them by leaving a comment below.