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The question whether cars are better than motorcycles is as old as time itself.  Each brings with it pros and cons that often leave them tied on virtually every front, baffling those that try and determine which is better. However, we at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts are gearing up to finally answer this question in a colossal rumble, testing the two contenders in an assortment of categories. While the answer may appear obvious to some, what we found will surprise you.

Round 1: Operation Cost

With a variety of different models and companies to consider, it’s fair to say that some cars are more expensive than bikes and some bikes are more expensive than cars.  Initially, a motorcycle seems like the more sound investment since your average one will be cheaper straight from the lot. However, bike tend to need more maintenance,  particularly due to tyre wear, and replacement parts tend to be more expensive than their car alternative. Equally, some parts, like the engine block itself, tend to need replacement more frequently than cars, meaning that this round has to go to cars.

Round 2: Fuel Efficiency

While they come in all shapes and sizes, the average petrol engine found in a bike comes with some great mileage. In fact, if we exclude green cars from the category, there are some superbikes that have better mileage than your average car while offering astonishing speeds. Cars may have their advantages, but when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your buck, we have to go with a motorcycle.

Round 3: Function

This round can be pretty tricky as it really depends on what you use your car or motorbikes for. They shine in a variety of different ways but we have to draw the line somewhere: if your goal is getting from place to place quickly than the bike seems to be the answer, but if you want to actually function in the world by carrying passengers or geting shelter from the elements, than we’re afraid you just have to get a car.

Round 4: Top Speed

With so many ways to judge this category, we’ve decided to place the fastest supercar up against the fastest superbike. Both models have to be currently in production and available for the mass market. In the supercar category we have the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport which can hit a top speed of 258mph (415 km/h) with its massive 1,200bhp engine. This has to go up against the absolutely astonishing MV Agusta F4 R 312. However, while the bike is so fast that its ‘312’ name actually refers to the top speed of 312km/h or 194mph, it can’t beat the Bugatti, meaning the car wins this round.

Round 5: Fun

Now this category is really up for the individual to decide. Having been in a variety of cars and bikes, my person experience has caused my to lean towards the motorcycle. Jumping onto a Yamaha or Suzuki on a warm day and racing down the streets of Great Britain is an experience unlike any other. The ability to actually feel your surrounding gives the bike a slight edge over the car, making it an incredibly fun piece of machinery.

Round Up

After a close race featuring some truly fantastic contenders, it looks like the car is the winner of our showdown. It just seems like in some categories, the bike simply can’t hold its own, giving way to the versatile automobile. But while we have come to our own conclusions, we’d love to hear from you and gauge your own views on the competition. Which machine do you prefer and why? Just leave your answer down below and we’re sure to read them later.