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From reducing our waste to launching our new electric and hybrid car leasing hub, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts pledge to go green in 2020

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts is off to a clean start in 2020. Not only will we be providing customers with greener lease vehicle alternatives but as a company, we’ll also be making some significant changes to how we operate as a business. 2020 is the year we pledge our commitment to #CleanStart2020.

Of course, with climate change high on the agenda for many, it is important that we all do our bit to build a better future. The UK is committed to slashing its carbon emissions by 2030 which will see a radical change in how we produce and consume energy. As such, the automotive industry is expected to change significantly over the coming years. The government has already made plans to end the sale of new conventional diesel and petrol cars and vans by 2040, and there is already a growing appetite amongst consumers for alternatively fuelled cars. 

To meet this need, 2020 marks the launch of our Electric and Hybrid car leasing hub which makes it easier for customers to make the transition from a conventionally fuelled vehicle to a greener model. From guides about electric car charging points and the best electric and hybrid vehicles for families, to the pros and cons of leasing an electric or hybrid vehicle and FAQs, we have everything you need to know about going green with your next lease vehicle. 

We’ve also recently announced our partnership with energy supplier Pod Point to offer home charging units to our customers. Those considering the lease of an electric vehicle now can add a home charger to their order, making the transition from a conventionally fuelled vehicle to a hybrid or electric vehicle even easier. 

In addition to helping our customers go green, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts will also be making some significant changes to how we operate as a business. Five areas we plan to focus on for 2020 include:

1. Reducing Waste

We are looking at ways we can reduce our wastage and improve our recycling efforts. Small changes are key and in addition to our paper and plastic recycling efforts, we plan to recycle food waste and cartridges, as well as reducing the amount of general waste that currently goes to landfill. This includes removing paper towels in our kitchens and washrooms and replacing these with warm-air hand dryers. 

2. Reducing Our Building Energy Footprint 

Again, small changes make a big difference so in 2020, we will be replacing all our lights with energy saving bulbs which use much less energy and last up to 10 to 20 times longer than traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs. We also plan to install sensor lights in toilets and hallways to keep energy consumption to a minimum, as well as efforts to recycle our old computers and replace with modern models which process energy in a more efficient manner. 

3. Encouraging Green Commuting

It’s not just our customers that are looking at making the transition from conventional fuelled vehicles to electric models. We’ve already installed two electric car charge points at our office to offer free charging to our employees with Electric or PHEV models. We will also be encouraging a car sharing scheme and actively encourage carpooling to help reduce the number of cars at site. Those who prefer to walk or cycle into work will also be supported with internal scheme and by offering bike lockup facilities.

4. Supporting Employees to Change 

A greener work environment is a team effort and we are looking at ways we can support staff in making sustainable choices. Subtle changes go a long way and little improvements like providing staff with drink bottles to help stop single-use plastic and increasing the number of recycling bins we have around the office all helps to reduce waste. We also want to actively engage employees with our plans and provide them with sufficient training and knowledge so we’re looking to develop a ‘Green Team’ so that individuals and departments within the company can turn to these members and receive help and support on how to make more sustainable choices.

5. Go Paperless

Perhaps one of our biggest goals in the new year is to go paperless by 2021. Unnecessary paper waste contributes to 90% of all office waste, with the remaining 10% taking up space in storage facilities. We plan to move all our activities digital over the next 24 months. Like many other highstreet retailers, we will also be asking our vendors to support this change by offering e-statements and invoices instead of paper statements. 

Small changes go a long way so why don’t you join us for a #CleanStart2020 and see what changes you can make in 2020?