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Auto Kandy Reactive Paint

Colour Me Impressed

I've not yet played GTA V, but one of the most amusing aspects from previous instalments was how you could lose a determined trail of police heat just by changing the colour of your car. You could have the city's entire police force hunting you down, but pull into a garage and emerge a different colour and they'd immediately lose interest.

Admittedly, things got a bit more difficult in GTA IV. If the police saw you enter the garage, for instance, there'd be no fooling them. But it remained all too easy to trick them, to the point that I wondered how successful this subterfuge would be in real life.

Well, we might wonder no more thanks to some new colour changing paint from Auto Kandy.

Car-ma Chameleon

Auto Kandy are a car modification shop located in Yorkshire. They've developed a reactive paint that can change the colour of your car in an instant.

A video appeared on YouTube and Reddit of an Auto Kandy project, a Nissan Skyline painted with heat sensitive colour changing paint. See below what happens when a bottle of water is poured on the bodywork.

Psychedelic, yes? It's like the car's bleeding a whole new colour!

The video caused quite a stir, and Auto Kandy have been seemingly inundated with requests for some of their colour changing reactive paint. Now, I'm not for one second attempting to spin a fearmongering tabloid style “GTA V INSPIRES REAL CRIME” tale, but it's interesting how many people are mentioning GTA in the Reddit thread.

Auto Kandy – Cease And Desist Inevitable?

Auto Kandy report that the colour changing Nissan Skylander project required up to 7.5 litres of their reactive paint, which they applied in many light coats. Crucially, the effect isn't permanent, as the sun will eventually degrade the quality within about six months. However, Auto Kandy are seemingly working on a special UV additive, presumably with the intention of making the effect last longer.

This reactive paint is clearly intended for a purely aesthetic application, but you do wonder what the DVLA will think. They've previously clamped down on tinted windows and neon-lit undercarriages, so it's hard to imagine that they won't have a problem with cars that change colour in heat or water.

Still, inevitably this Auto Kandy reactive paint will sell by the bucket load in the coming months, and because we live in one of the wettest of countries, expect every rainy traffic jam to transform into a psychedelic rainbow before the DVLA intervene.

Image via Flickr user: Amber Case