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Disney and Pixar have been making great films for decades. Their partnership has produced memorable characters that have stayed with us long after we’ve left the cinema, offering us an experience like no other. Trying to capture the spirit of one of their famed animated automotive film Cars, Disney went about recreating the movie in reality, offering children of all ages the ability to jump straight into their film.

Built on 12 acres in Disney’s California Adventure Park, the company has replicated Radiator Springs, the small town from the first and second Cars films, very precisely. So well done was this mid-20th century west American town that tourist’s were already giving it rave reviews.

Imagined by Chip Foose, a custom car designer, the work was divided up into phases, each meant to reimagine the animated story. Utilizing the expertise of Brad King and Jeff Styles, the park contains an array of colours to wheel designs that makes the wanderer feel like they’re on the film set.

Disney invested a great deal into the park; making sure everything from the shrubs and wildlife to the Route 66 sign are done just right. Those interested in visiting the site will first notice loading bay called the Cadillac Range, a large parking lot, and than are invited to to Disney’s Comfy Caverns Motor Court where they are offered everything from guest rooms for the night. However, the magic truly starts when you’re invited to jump along side Steve McQueen, the main character of the film, and try your hand at driving one of the Ford’s ancient Model T cars in Radiator Spring Curlos. If that’s not your style than perhaps you can try your hand at Radiator Springs Racers where you can race in one the various exotic cars along a very long track.

While the kids are having fun exploring the various parks activities, Disney didn’t forget about the parents, allowing them to check out Ramone’s House of Body art where they can purchase aficionado goods and take a grownup break after a long day.

A fantastic new addition to a great cannon, Disney made sure to create an authentic Cars experience that would impress even the most devout fan. With the summer just around the corner, why not take a trip to California to check it out for yourself!