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Nearly half of all UK motorists say money is their biggest motoring worry, according to a UK-wide survey from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.

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Image source: Images_of_money via Creative Commons license

The number of respondents who said they were most worried about the cost of running their vehicle amounted to as many as were worried about road safety, driving conditions and vehicle crime, combined.

Nearly half of all motorists (48.5%) think the cost of running their car is their biggest motoring concern for 2014.

Donna Kelly, Digital Marketing Manager at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, said:

In the current economic climate, it is no surprise that the cost of motoring figures so highly in motorists’ lists of concerns. Fuel prices, taxation and the depreciation costs of owning a car take their toll on motorists’ pockets. This is why we think car leasing is becoming more and more of a viable option for motorists, as it takes many of the risks associated with owning a vehicle away from the motorist themselves.

The cost of vehicle maintenance is also a huge issue, particularly with the winter months coming. What is surprising is that these worries far outstrip the other concerns for motorists, such as other motorists’ poor driving, road conditions and crime.

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Survey reveals regional differences in motoring worries

The online poll of 500 respondents was conducted using Google Consumer Surveys. As well as uncovering that motorists are more worried about cost than other motorists’ poor driving, the condition of the roads, vehicle crime and the cost of parking, the survey also showed large differences in people’s attitudes throughout the UK.

North of the border, 57%of Scots cited cost as their major concern, but only 5.6% were worried about vehicle crime – whereas 9.5%of motorists were worried about vehicle crime in England, and 51% the cost of motoring.

Across the UK, Wales had the most motorists worried about other motorists’ driving, at 50%, compared to 18.4% in England.

More women than men concerned about other people’s driving

Differences emerged between male and female drivers, too. Nearly a quarter of the UK’s female motorists were worried about other people’s driving (24%) compared to only 15.6% of male drivers.

More women than men were worried about road conditions too, with 17.1% of females citing it as a concern, and only 12.5%of men.

Women were less worried about vehicle crime than men, however, with only 5.1% citing it as a concern, compared to 11.9% of men.

Overall, however, these other concerns were small compared to the motorists’ worries about money – roughly as many motorists were worried about the cost of motoring than other motorists poor driving, road conditions, vehicle crime and the cost of parking put together.

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